Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Warung Kopi Klotok Jogjakarta: A Traditional Sip of Java

Jogjakarta always knows how to relax and making it such an irresistible escape. Sip your coffee, bite your fried banana while sitting in front of a rice field, and have a great day at Kopi Klotok.

Hello, this is Ruth from her holiday in Jogjakarta.

It’s called Warung Kopi Klotok. Located halfway to the famous Ullen Sentalu Museum and Merapi tours, visitors can easily find the kiosk at the end of a narrow alleyway. If you’re renting a car, the driver should know where to turn, otherwise, there are large yellow signs glued to electricity poles along the way to help you out. Don’t get discourages by the lack of parking space or the rather traditional Joglo house of the so-called cafĂ©. The place is so popular that there are lines and waiting list for the food and drinks.

For the first timers, this restaurant is rather confusing because first you have to find a table and memorize the number. Then you went to order food on different corners, mentioning the table number each time. The waiter will deliver the food to you. You order drinks on a paper and picked it up yourself. Then you pay everything when you’re done.

I have to do an “indent order” for my second row of fried banana because my son finished over half of the first order in no time. Each party/table can only order up to 6 fried bananas (that’s 3 portions) and if they want to order more, they have to return to the frying corner for the second time. This place doesn’t do take out. They argued that fried banana is best served hot but the talk among townspeople offers a rather mythical version of how those yummy bananas shouldn’t reach the main road to preserve the taste.

Whatever it is, we’re having another round. So we wait.