Monday, August 14, 2017

Fat Shogun Independence Deal

Do you remember Fat Shogun? The Japanese-Peruvian restaurant returns with this awesome line up to celebrate our independence day.

This is Fiona, giving freedom a taste.

When Fat Shogun contacted me to try their Independence Deal meal, I said yes right away. I've been to Fat Shogun a couple of times and it's been on our favorite list ever since. I celebrated Valentine's day here too and would recommend this restaurant for your special occasion. The unique flavor of Nikkei keeps you coming back for more. It challenges the freshness of each ingredient, uniqueness of the sauce and toppings, in presenting you with the mix of the flavors. Definitely my kind of food. Let's see what the menu has to offer.

Ceviche With Acar Dressing
Snappers, red onion, tomatoes, acar dressing.

It's summer for sure! The spicy, sour dan fresh snappers will fulfill your longing for summer in the end of August. It comes with pickles and real chilli, if you like more spicy sensation. For me, this is more than enough. It's a good introduction to freedom. It's hard to stop and this is just the beginning.

Red White Tiradito
Seabass, tuna, mango ginger salsa.

Fresh seabass is one of my favorites, especially Tuna. But the highlight of this meal comes from its sauce: mango ginger salsa. A dominant ginger flavor which is combined with a sweet touch of mango. So it's not overpowering the fish while you still can taste the freshness.

Chicken Roll and Cod Misoyaki

Cod Misoyaki is a familiar dish, so having this included in the menu gives a homey feeling to my palate. This is my must-have menu in Fat Shogun and I'm excited that they decided to include this on theit special menu. For those who aren't familiar with the Cod Misoyaki, it's a buttery cod with crispy vegetables on top. I always ask for crispier veggies. The Chicken Roll reminds you of sushi, but instead of seaweed, Chicken is used to "wrap" the sushi. Inside is super yumny tamago. If you're up to different kind of sushi sensation, try this.

Ceviche With Acar Dressing Fat Shogun
Ceviche With Acar Dressing
Red White Tiradito Fat Shogun
Red White Tiradito

Chicken Roll  Cod Misoyaki  Fat Shogun

Chicken Roll and Cod Misoyaki


Cassava cake and crumble.

I can smell cassava when the dish arrived in my table. Surely delicious, according to my nose. The cake is real moist (makes me wonder) plus the vanilla ice cream and crumble pair, makes this a perfect dessert. I really appreciate that the vanilla flavor doesn't overwhelm the cassava sweet ending.

Yuccamochi Fat Shogun
If you haven't gone to Fat Shogun then this is a good time to try their dishes. They simplified their menu into these four dishes. The idea is using different ingredients in every plate so expect different range of flavors from one plate to another but still feel the Fat Shogun rhythm along the way.

The package is only 400k ++/ pax and it's only available exclusively for two days on 16 - 17 August 2017. Book today (before the 16th) and get those meals only for Rp375k++/pax.

Where is this?
Menara BTPN - Retail Tower, Rooftop Level, 
Jl. Dr. Ide anak agung Gde Agung Kav, 5.5 - 5.6 
CBD Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan.

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  1. Fat shogan is the best place for mid day meal, the variety in food is good as well as its tasty. A try in it will leave the taste buds happy.