Sunday, April 2, 2017

Shangri-La's Rosso: A Brunch Worth Every Penny

We think Rosso’s Brunch worth every penny (or cents?). Here are the reasons why.

  • A-la-Carte Menu is included in the price. Seriously, it’s like you get the best of both worlds. You can pick and choose the orders, play it on repeat and it will always come to you. Personally, we think it’s like having the fun of buffet and the convenience of regular order-to-table dine. 
  • Serious goodness is listed on the menu. And it’s only fair if we list them here for you. Our favorite is Filetto Di Manzo. Foie Gras and perfect medium beef tenderloin are still unbeatable.

    • Uova Alla Franco: Black bun with Poached Eggs and Salmon Tar Tar served with Truffle Hollandaise Sauce.
    • Uova Strapazzate: Ciabatta Bread with Scrambled Eggs, Pecorino Cheese, Rocket served with Black Truffle Paste and Red Pesto
    • Uova Al Prosciutto: Toasted Soft Bun with Fried Egg, Parma Ham and sauteed Parmesan Spinach
    • Spaghetti Polpa di Granchio E Acciughe: Spaghetti with Crabmeat and Anchovies served with Fennel Sauce and Spicy Bread Crumbs
    • Filetto Di Manzo: Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras served with Sauteed Parmesan Spinach and Gorgonzola Sauce
    • Agnolotti Di Bufala E Pesto: Homemade Agnolotti filled with Buffalo Mozzarella served with Basil Pesto Sauce
    • Filetto Di Cernia: Grouper Fish Fillet in Mediterranean Tomato Sauce served with sauteed Mixed Vegetable

  • That serious goodness arrived on the right portion for share. So after Filetto Di Manzo.try Uova Alla Franco which has wonderful poached egg and Uova Al Prosciutto with its delicious Parma Ham.

 A-La-Cart Menu from top left: 
Uova Alla Franco, Uova Strapazzate, Uova Al Prosciutto, 
Spaghetti Polpa di Granchio E Acciughe,  Agnolotti Di Bufala E Pesto,
 Filetto Di Cernia and Filetto Di Manzo

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kedai Kopi Bang Ali: Heritage, History and #ngopidigarasi

Coffee has endless possibilities. Just when I thought I had found the best, most unique coffee shop, I encountered another one with a different story, equally interesting and delicious. This time, I (Fiona) visited the home of Ali Sadikin, former Governor of Jakarta, which has turned into a humble yet historical coffee shop.

I arrived with hubby at 10.30. Was planning for an earlier visit but I have been sick for few days and has yet to recover. Well, this visit couldn't wait, and it's hard to be sick if a coffee shop is calling. Haha. So, there we were, entering the garage of Ali Sadikin's house, the one he's living in after retiring from his job leading and serving Jakarta. The interior is rather simple with an corner where pictures and book (of his private collection) are neatly displayed.

Welcomed by the friendly servers, we ordered Ketoprak and Nasi Bakar Tuna Special. The food arrived rather quick, and surprisingly yummy. The Nasi Bakar has decent portion and plenty of fillings. Hubby likes it so much and finished it without realizing that I had been eyeing to try. Then mine arrived, a huge portion of Ketoprak. And I'm glad I'm Indonesian so I can eat that much of Ketoprak in one sitting. It's really delicious, plenty of soft tofu and, well, one-of-a-kind just perfect peanut sauce. Ask for extra chilli if you like spicy dish.

It's really homey if you sit on the corner, and there comes another surprise because the one serving us is apparently Ali Sadikin's son. Whoa! 

I personally think it's genius to combine heritage and current coffee shop trends because if it's not because of the coffee, I wouldn't have known (or cared) about where the legendary governor lived. Furthermore, there's always a story behind a coffee and finding a good one is becoming harder these days when they have turned mainstream.

Here comes the coffee. We order Hot Cappucinno (Rp.20k) dan Ice Cafe Latte (Rp. 23k). Hot Cappuccino arrived with House Blend Smoking Barrels Beans. I put it as "well-balanced". Ice Cafe Latte is another highlight of the visit. You can choose between between brown sugar and regular one. I went with brown sugar and it tastes great. There's an acid aftertaste which I like. If I'm not sick, I would have ordered twice. 

It's an inspirational visit with a great coffee. Very humble and friendly, like I believe he was. Until we meet again.

Where is This?
Kedai Kopi Bang Ali
Jl. Jati Murni No.6, RT.3/RW.2, Jati Padang,
Ps. Minggu,Jakarta Selatan