Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Taking Platter at Dapur Seafood

Who can resist fresh seafood in north Jakarta? Here comes another spot for you to try, and well, linger for a while. Dapur Seafood is a semi-outdoor restaurant which reminds us with the seafood-on-the-street feeling.

But unlike those pedestrian kiosks, this place comes with a comfortable seat and even an aquarium. The interior is facing the yacht and there are second and third floor which accommodates private gatherings as well as wedding party.

While the upgraded feel may sway you away from the street-seafood feeling, the taste will take you back. Seafood Platter (Rp.800k) is made for 6 people. It’s everything you hoped for on one plate: Nassarius Snail, Male Crab, Golden Sand Deep Fried Goramy, Calamary, Salted Egg Yolk Shrimp, Hard Clam, Water Spinach. 

Moving on, the next on the menu are Shrimp Fried Tofu Jakarta (Rp. 42.900), a twist on your favorite fried tofu dish and Spring Roll (Rp. 60.900). Taking a step off the traditional shore, Dapur Seafood serves Marinara Pizza (Rp. 98.900) and American Pizza (Rp. 92.900) with seafood toppings and Prawn Salted Egg Yolk Pasta.

Visiting a seafood restaurant, it’s only natural that crab is expected. Giant Crab (more or less 1 – 1,5 kilograms, priced at Rp. 64,000/ounce) is the star of the day, made to order with your favorite sauces: salted egg, black pepper or Padang sauce. The portion fits 3-5 people and requires special hammer to crack it.

Seafood is always a feast. We rarely eat fresh seafood alone. It's always the meal for share, with fun conversation over cracking the crab meat.

Where is This?
Dapur Seafood
Pantai Mutiara, Blok TG No.7, Pluit, 
Jakarta Utara

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  1. made my day with these super delecious sea food pictures. you know what, my mouth is full of water now. I can't resist myself for checking this post again and again. :)