Sunday, March 26, 2017

AW Kitchen Pizza Story

AW Kitchen is always fun. They serve good food and great taste. No wonder we’ve been coming back here again and again. This time for pizza and cocktails. AW kitchen has this open kitchen on the side where you can see the oven and watch how your pizza is created. Nothing beat the feel of freshness when you see your order going in and out the oven then to your table. We love the feel of knowing the cooking process.

But before we dive into the pizza and how it tastes, let's take a look on the appetizers.

Tarabagani Taramo Salad
Tarabagani (king crab leg) with special taramo (potato and cod roe)
Delicious for real, thanks to its cod roe, soft and buttery king crab. Potato is always welcome.

Salmon and Tuna Profiterole
Salmon yuzu dressing and tuna soya wasabi dressing in choux
The rather cute shape is appealing. The tiny choux (profiterole) comes in two: with salmon and Yuzu dressing, as well as tuna in Soya Wasabi dressing. Bigger one would be welcome. Bring it on!

Crispy Fritt Tiger Shrimp with Sweet Tomato
Spicy tiger shrimp fritt with special sweet tomato sorbet
Savory sweet finish to the dish is unforgettable. Add on the juicy and delicate shrimp to this and you got one winning dish.

Well, we’re here for the pizza, right. So let’s talk about the pizza. For us, Pizza is identical with cheese. So, when these two pizzas are served together, we’re instantly on the Quattro Formaggi, the Lazio classic with 4 different cheeses (mozzarella, stracchino, fontina and gorgonzola)
. The other one, Calzone Bolognese is a contrast with all the toppings kept hidden inside. Despite how it looks, Calzone is considered a pizza, a folded, oven-baked one that is. It’s probably the last pizza on our list, but AW Kitchen’s Calzone is something worth the try. While typical calzone doesn't go for that many of a toppings and often related to pizza toppings, this one opted for what's familiar with spaghetti! The filling inside is generous and warm. The dough is also as tasty as regular pizza. So, if you’re bored with the regular topping-on-top-of-dough pizza, you can pick calzone for a change.

(Curious about the pasta? Read them here.)

Make the dining a special one with AWkitchen Cocktail decorated with flowers on each cup. Choose among Violet Foam, Verandah and Edelflower florence.

Where is this?
Plaza Indonesia 2nd Floor No.E026,
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta 10350.
021 - 2992 4325

Plaza Senayan, Plaza Senayan Level P4 CP 409,
Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta Selatan

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  1. Amazing photography! The food looks delicious judging by the pictures, i think i ill have to try it out myself next time I am in the area.