Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pepperoni Jalapeno Pizza and Double Chessy Bites

Pepperoni is often found on pizza. But now it has a new, foreign friend called Jalapeno. PHD introduced Pepperoni Jalapeno pizza on double cheesy bites crust paired with Nacho Cheese Dip.

It’s been a busy week at the office, and despite being on payday, we weren’t able to go out and eat fancy. So, it’s pizza time. We ordered PHD and came pizza in a box for lunch in no time (well, it’s PHD’s promise that the pizza will arrive within 30 minutes or you’ll get free voucher) to our office desk. When we opened it, we see a pizza covered in the familiar pepperoni and something else. No worries, Pepperoni lovers, there are plenty Pepperoni on each slice. While Pepperoni is a regular, Jalapeño is more often seen on Mexican – Spanish dishes and probably makes you wonder what makes the chili pepper is doing on an Italian classic.

Jalapeño brings a unique sour hint to the pizza and we like it.

But wait, that’s not all, there’s still another surprise called “double cheesy bites.” Even though the pizza came with every crust, we opted for chicken sausage and mozzarella cheese in one crust. When you dip the piece into the Nacho Cheese Dip, it makes the perfect blend on your mouth. While this probably isn’t going to be love at first bite for some taste buds, but it leaves a nice after taste that make you crave for more. Before you know it, you’re picking another slice and dipping it on the Nacho Cheese. 

We definitely love the combination because aside from pizza, we often think about ordering snacks and ended up with too much food on our table. The Double Cheesy Bites Crust can act as the fun snack. Just like you can order any crust with the pizza, you can order the crust with any pizza. Pepperoni Jalapeno Pizza starts from Rp.78k and the Double Cheesy Bites is at Rp.98k and is only available for the 6-piece regular pizza size.

Now we’re thinking, would pineapple make a great trio on this pizza?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

AW Kitchen Pizza Story

AW Kitchen is always fun. They serve good food and great taste. No wonder we’ve been coming back here again and again. This time for pizza and cocktails. AW kitchen has this open kitchen on the side where you can see the oven and watch how your pizza is created. Nothing beat the feel of freshness when you see your order going in and out the oven then to your table. We love the feel of knowing the cooking process.

But before we dive into the pizza and how it tastes, let's take a look on the appetizers.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Taking Platter at Dapur Seafood

Who can resist fresh seafood in north Jakarta? Here comes another spot for you to try, and well, linger for a while. Dapur Seafood is a semi-outdoor restaurant which reminds us with the seafood-on-the-street feeling.

But unlike those pedestrian kiosks, this place comes with a comfortable seat and even an aquarium. The interior is facing the yacht and there are second and third floor which accommodates private gatherings as well as wedding party.

While the upgraded feel may sway you away from the street-seafood feeling, the taste will take you back. Seafood Platter (Rp.800k) is made for 6 people. It’s everything you hoped for on one plate: Nassarius Snail, Male Crab, Golden Sand Deep Fried Goramy, Calamary, Salted Egg Yolk Shrimp, Hard Clam, Water Spinach. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Street Food Delight by Chef Marinka at Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta

Living in Jakarta means a never ending array of delicious culinary. It’s not always the luxurious romantic kind of food, but may be your comfort food, served with an international upgrade. Skipping lunch at the office, Ruth attended an event held by Aryaduta Hotel Tugu Tani, Jakarta.

The hotel, which I passed on my way to and from work everyday, is special. It’s been a frequent reunion place with old friends and coworkers, mainly due to its location. So, walking across the lobby then up to Ambiente where the event was held gives a special memory.

Aryaduta is revamping. This month, Celebrity Chef Rinrin Marinka joined on board the kitchen team to develop new menu for the restaurant. Taking Batavian street food and twist them with Marinka style. The star of the day is Nasi Goreng Kambing (Lamb Fried Rice). “Back in college, when I crave for Indonesian food, I always cook this dish. The challenge is how to make the dish interesting and pretty without losing its authenticity.” She then proceeds to do a live cooking show with Rob Cunningham, Group Director Food & Beverage from Aryaduta Hotels Indonesia.