Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Weekend Brunch at Yu

Great restaurants are popping out around Jakarta, including this one called Yu (Happiness). Yu Jakarta is a contemporary Taiwanese dining pop up inside the Park 5 Hotel.

Located nearby, Fiona took her family for a Saturday Brunch one weekend.

It’s super close to my house, so I’ve been thinking about trying out this place, but it wasn’t until my family threw the “Saturday brunch” idea on the table that weekend. Park 5 is a boutique hotel, nicely decorated with contemporary touch. Yu is located on the left side of the hotel’s reception. I think the area is where hotel guests go for their breakfast and that’s why Yu is only open from 11AM onwards. But that Saturday, we had to wait until 11.15 because the table isn’t ready.

The first impression of Yu is a hip cafĂ©-resto with wooden, marble tables, unfinished details and wild flowers in a bottle. While waiting for the table, we decide on what to order. Yu has a special menu consisting of food and drinks and we’ve waited for almost an hour for the food to arrive on our table so the anticipation is high. Here’s what we order:

Fried Chicken Sandwich, 55k
It’s more chicken burger with chili mayo and pickles. Surprisingly no fries come with this dish, which is served on a long plate. But they put generous piece of the fried chicken inside and just the right amount of dressing. Hubby loves it so much.

Taiwanese Fried Chicken, 65k 
Yes, another chicken, but this one is a large chicken steak cut with poached egg on top. They replaced the yolk as the previous one broke before it reached our table. Yeay, happy yolk! It tastes good. They use sweet potato for the crunch and teriyaki mix. Well, it’s the same with the chicken inside the burger.

Chicken Congee, 56k
The third chicken on our table and I figured all of you are laughing. What makes chicken congee at Yu any different from the comfort food you find on the cart? This one comes with egg yolk in a slightly different off-white color. The congee also mixed with teriyaki sauce. I hate plain congee, so I love the taste of this one.

Niu Rou Mian (Noodle Beef), 65k
This one is not chicken because my mom doesn’t eat one. She likes this one because it reminds her of the dish she had in Penang. The beef are plenty and the portion is okay. It uses sesame sauce so it smells good. The noodle texture is large and tasty. I managed to steal a slurp before she finished with the bowl.

Dessert is Mantao with Vanilla Ice Cream and Nutella.
Fried Mantao with vanilla ice cream and something that I originally thought as a chocolate ice cream. Apparently it’s Nutella! This is the winning dish for me and my sister. Okay, slightly cheating because it’s dessert and a warm dessert melts everyone’s heart. We love fried mantao. I can see myself go crazy about it. It’s comfort food.

I was hoping to see more non-chicken dishes on the menu and differentiation between the chicken dishes on the menu. Yes, they’re tasty but they’re more or less of the same taste. But Yu did a great job overall and we had a great brunch.

Yu only opens for two months on weekend Jakarta. From Friday (5PM – 1AM), to Saturday (11AM-1AM) and Sunday (11AM – 3PM). Try out their extended Valentine’s Day special this weekend.

Where is this?
Park5 Cilandak, Jalan Intan RSPP No. C5, Jakarta Selatan 12430

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