Saturday, January 28, 2017

Love and Prosperity at Gran Mahakam

Happy Lunar New Year!

A prosperous New Year should begin with delicious foods. So we put our trust to Gran Mahakam for the special day. Needless to say, the buffet is beyond satisfying.

Here’s what we have for our New Year’s meal:

Appetizer & Soup.
Prawn Mango Pomelo Salad served with Crispy Wonton Skin. A delicious hint of sour appeared in the center of this mix. Fresh prawn (it’s a standard) and fun texture from the crispy wonton. Second appetizer is needed so we called in for Scallop Green Dumpling. A delicious skin is wrapping generous filling. You can forget those tasteless dumpling skins as this one is created with the same thought and love. This is our favorite and will get you back for more.Next is Asparagus Crab Meat Soup. Finding greens in the mug is a pleasant surprise. Crab meat is great too.

The Best Courses.
Short Ribs Chinese Steak Sauce and Steamed Fish Roll served with salted egg rice and steamed vegetables. This dish literally filled the plate and we couldn’t find any complain. Ribs are soft, sauce is tasty and fish is just right. Salted Egg is an extra treat, adding a hint of salty and telling you to get more of it. Second run is for Lontong Cap Gomeh. This is just perfect. If you have extra space in your stomach, don’t forget to grab Mie Jawa and the famous Nasi Daun Jeruk.

(Read more about their award-winning Nasi Daun Jeruk)


Exotic Fresh Fruit and Es Podeng
. Forget your ordinary Es Podeng, this one is uniquely Gran Mahakam. You have to taste it to find out. Needless to say that it has generous fillings. Coffee and tea are served with Kue Keranjang (Nian Gao). A mandatory for Chinese New Year celebration. Be it fried with flour or not, we love it just the same. Nian Gao is sticky rice cake which signifies good fortune for the coming year. Eating this is believed to improve your luck in the upcoming year.

How’s your New Year’s meal?

In two weeks, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day, another special occasion which requires special treat. We have no doubt that we’ll return to Gran Mahakam for this because they have Valentine’s Dinner buffet at Le Gran CafĂ© (Rp. 338k++/person) and Aoki Japanese Cuisine (Rp. 349k++/person). On the list of the menu are Roulade of smoked Scottish Salmon, Cream Cheese, Black Grapes and Dill served with Lemon and Caper Chutney, Double Cream of Tomato Soup with Lobster and Melba toast, and Herb Crusted Cod Fish served with Carrot Puree and Roasted Fondant Potatoes. Make your Valentine’s Day extra special with private dinner at the hotel’s rooftop over a breathtaking view of Jakarta (Rp.2500k++/couple).

Let us know what your plans are.

Where is This?
Hotel Gran Mahakam
Jl Mahakam I No.8, Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta 12130
Tel: (021) 7209966

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