Monday, January 16, 2017

Sipping Coffee at Hidden Headquarter of

If we like something, there's no doubt we'd want it in our mailbox. No, we're not talking newspaper or magazine. We're talking coffee. Wait, what? Coffee subscription? Here's Fiona’s story with


I know what Gordi is, so when a friend of mine, Barista Wahyu Nazar posted a picture, I was beyond excited. I asked him whether it's open for public and where exactly is this place. Apparently, I happened to pass through the area with my mom and sister without any plan to stop by. But I saw Gordi and I know we have to stop. The HQ is hidden on a neighborhood at Jeruk Purut area, which is real close with my wedding venue. Should have noticed that earlier.

Despite being tucked away somewhere, this place has parking. An open space to the left matches the glass building on the right. Glass building is always good news.

I’m crossing to another world through the glass doors. My attention immediately falls on the room with coffee equipment and a beautiful sink. Yes, you heard that right, I'm really talking about sink. Inside the Headquarter, there are large tables designed for meetings, workshops and probably something trendy like co-working. You can close this part, separating it from the main area for privacy.

Walking out, I encountered a barista and the house coffee area. Gordi uses La Marzocco machine. Behind the barista is a comfortable seats and sofas for those coming for tranquil conversations. Halfway through my exploration, I found out that the design is done by Abimantra from AplusA Architects. No wonder it's very homely while still holding true to minimalist interior layout concept. It's also bright which is a dream comes true for picture-snapping people like me. The amazing attention to detail makes me want to go house hunting right away.

For some people, cigarette and coffee are like husband and wife, can't be enjoyed separately. There's a backyard at Gordi HQ that can accommodate your needs. I personally imagine picnic here while sipping on cold brew on a warm day. 

Our order was simple: Cappuccino (hubby) and Piccolo (me). We add Chocolate Croissant and Chocolate Cheese Croissant. Food are decent, best enjoyed with coffee. Gordi uses a mix of Lombok, Flores Bajawa and West Java for the coffee. I hope they'll add beans from different parts of the world.

If you're curious, yes this is Gordi’s real headquarter. No wonder they build it super comfy, imagine working in a spot like this. I wouldn't want to go home.

Where is this?
Gordi HQ
Jl. Jeruk Purut No.25, Cilandak Timur, 
Ps. Minggu, Jakarta Selatan12560

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