Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Indonesian Fusion at Gioi Plantery and Cookery

There is one spot in GIOI that makes us thought about eating at home with family. It’s like those perfect family dinner pictures you see abroad. The wooden homey interior with pictures and wall decorations, for a minute, created an illusion that it is actually our dining room at home.

This restaurant was perfect for special occasion, no doubt. So Fiona visited the place when Christmas vibe was still around. 

The holiday decoration is more helpful in creating “I’m home for Christmas” feeling. Red ribbons on chairs paired the leaves-and-pine Christmas d├ęcor, as well as the candles and Mason-jar-turned snowglobe table centerpieces. However, it’s a restaurant, and while at home Mom’s cooking of inherited recipes always won everyone’s heart, here you have to order dishes that suit your holiday mood. Here’s what I ordered after asking for recommendations:

Gioi's Signature Crispy Duck

If the dish has the restaurant’s name, it screams local. Crispy juicy marinated duck, served with Gioi's rice, and jukut kalasan on the side. Jukut is a type of mix veggie, native of Bali and for me it's slightly similar to Urap. It's real tasty. This dish can be ordered half or whole, and we made the biggest mistake of ordering just half even though for a "half", this dish is generous. It's crispy and when opened, the meat is juicy, the smell is good and the spices are well-marinated. It's real crispy that I can munch on the bone haha. The rice is different (boyfie-turned-hubbie surprisingly liked the rice), it's fragrant and covered by Jukut.

Served with 3 different types of Sambal from my favorite mild Sambal Matah (I'm no good for things too spicy) with kecombrang and onion flavor to the one especially created for the spicy lovers.

Asian Steak Tartar

A fusion on the list which is described as premium tenderloin marinated in Gioi's Asian dressing, fresh herbs, served chilled with caramelized melinjo crackers. I didn’t expect this to use pomegranate seeds and it blends well with the chopped, medium rare steak. Then there are the melinjo crackers to give the crunchy texture. I’m sure this dish doesn’t need much to be loved.

Dragon Fruit Brule

I’m not big fan of Creme Brule because the burnt part is bitter. But I ordered this one just for fun, and hubbie is a big fan of dessert. This one is a twist on the traditional brule, served with dragon fruit compote and coconut ice cream. But when it arrived, I was excited because it’s an attractive dragon fruit compote, ice cream and edible flowers. A bit crunchy underneath. Hubbie was real excited and I guess this dessert has brightened up his day. He let me have one spoon and yes, this is amazing. I’m glad to find a brule I can enjoy.

Oh, I ordered Kalamansi Cypher Tea for drinks. Fresh orange juice, a sour and cool combination.

In the end, Indonesian-fusion food always wins my heart and I know Gioi is going to be on the top of my list. Can’t wait to take my family here and try the rest of the menu.

Where is This?
Jl. Senopati no 88, Kebayoran, Jakarta Selatan
TEL: (021) 7211468

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