Saturday, January 21, 2017

8 Must-Try Yogurt Creations at Yoforia

After the froyo euphoria had subsided, yogurt seems to be just another regular menu for the urban population. Dessert, snacks and treats for children as well as sweet-tooth adults. Then Yoforia created the twist with its tagline “when yogurt meets coffee,” using yogurt as the basic ingredients for food and beverages. Curious? 

Well, expect a long line over the weekend at Paris van Java. You’ll never miss it because the yogurt store has a large sign and located right in front. The yellow and blue exterior will grab your attention. Then the white minimalist interior gives the “I’m in mood for yoghurt” feel. On one of the wall, there’s an unfinished sketch of Bandung city from a mural artist Tufheil. Unfinished because it’s done partially every Saturday. So if you’re a regular visitor at this place, you’d notice the changes. Come on Saturday sometimes before March to see how the sketching process goes. Saturday is also special because young chef Martin Natadipraja is here to serve you his yogurt creation. 

So what should we order?
  1. Yofocinno (Espresso, Caramel and Yogurt). First impression, it’s fresh. The singularity comes in the mix of espresso’s bitterness and Caramel/Yogurt’s sweet hint. You can even taste the acidity of the coffee which is great for balance. Coffee lovers must try this one. 
  2. Mother of Dragon (Plain Yogurt, Red Dragon Fruit, Banana). Don’t be intimidated by the name, this drink isn’t that fierce. It’s a favorite for the healthy side of you, with sour and sweet combination of dragon fruit and banana. 
  3. Yogurt Coffee Pannacotta. Personally think this is genius. The Italian classic arrived with a twist of sweet and sour, but needed a little more coffee. Still good and we’d say you need to order more than 1 to avoid disappointment on the last bite. 
  4. Yo-dip Wings. Wings? Well, you heard it right. Yogurt is in the tartar sauce, making it fresh. The flavorful wings (Rp35k) is best eaten while they’re hot. 
  5. Chicken Nachos with Thai Sauce (Rp35k). The Chicken is wrapped with smashed nachos. Fried to crunch.The Dipping sauce is refreshing, sour, a little hint of spicy and well, delicious. 
  6. Salmon Salad with Dill Yogurt Dressing (Rp40k). If you’re into everything healthy, this salad is pretty perfect for you. There are egg, veggie and a large cut of salmon, served with yogurt dressing (sauce?) to create salad extraordinary. Warning: not meant for sharing because this is yummy. 
  7. Gyoza with Goma-Yo Dip (Rp35k) is freshly-made gyoza with generous fillings. 
  8. YoLo Smoothies Bowl (Rp40k) will be the happiest ending you have with sour yogurt. Banana, peanut butter, chocolate, granola and almond chopped mixed into plain yogurt. The portion is rather large. 
Since there's nothing better than showing you the delicious taste, please scroll down for pictures.
1. Yofocinno
2. Mother of Dragon
3. Yogurt Coffee Pannacotta
4. Yo-dip Wings
5. Chicken Nachos with Thai Sauce
6. Salmon Salad with Dill Yogurt Dressing
7. Gyoza with Goma-Yo Dip
8. YoLo Smoothies Bowl
 And they're not just about food, because if you look around they have brands for shopping as well. You're in a mall after all. Check out noesa (Handmade Woodcraft, fashion, lifestyle and kitchenware), Gammara ( genuine leather fashion product) and Morning Whistle (basic wardrobe for men and women).

The only downside of this place is that it's a pop up store, only opened for 3 months. Expect long line, it's worth the price and waiting time. Hope they'll open in Jakarta too because this is perfect for healthy gathering with friends. Or lite bite after workout.

So, make sure you join the yogurt euphoria.

Where is This?
Paris Van Java, Resort Level, 
Jl. Sukajadi No. 131-139, Sukajadi, Bandung
West Java

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