Saturday, January 28, 2017

Love and Prosperity at Gran Mahakam

Happy Lunar New Year!

A prosperous New Year should begin with delicious foods. So we put our trust to Gran Mahakam for the special day. Needless to say, the buffet is beyond satisfying.

Here’s what we have for our New Year’s meal:

Appetizer & Soup.
Prawn Mango Pomelo Salad served with Crispy Wonton Skin. A delicious hint of sour appeared in the center of this mix. Fresh prawn (it’s a standard) and fun texture from the crispy wonton. Second appetizer is needed so we called in for Scallop Green Dumpling. A delicious skin is wrapping generous filling. You can forget those tasteless dumpling skins as this one is created with the same thought and love. This is our favorite and will get you back for more.Next is Asparagus Crab Meat Soup. Finding greens in the mug is a pleasant surprise. Crab meat is great too.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

8 Must-Try Yogurt Creations at Yoforia

After the froyo euphoria had subsided, yogurt seems to be just another regular menu for the urban population. Dessert, snacks and treats for children as well as sweet-tooth adults. Then Yoforia created the twist with its tagline “when yogurt meets coffee,” using yogurt as the basic ingredients for food and beverages. Curious? 

Well, expect a long line over the weekend at Paris van Java. You’ll never miss it because the yogurt store has a large sign and located right in front. The yellow and blue exterior will grab your attention. Then the white minimalist interior gives the “I’m in mood for yoghurt” feel. On one of the wall, there’s an unfinished sketch of Bandung city from a mural artist Tufheil. Unfinished because it’s done partially every Saturday. So if you’re a regular visitor at this place, you’d notice the changes. Come on Saturday sometimes before March to see how the sketching process goes. Saturday is also special because young chef Martin Natadipraja is here to serve you his yogurt creation. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sipping Coffee at Hidden Headquarter of

If we like something, there's no doubt we'd want it in our mailbox. No, we're not talking newspaper or magazine. We're talking coffee. Wait, what? Coffee subscription? Here's Fiona’s story with


I know what Gordi is, so when a friend of mine, Barista Wahyu Nazar posted a picture, I was beyond excited. I asked him whether it's open for public and where exactly is this place. Apparently, I happened to pass through the area with my mom and sister without any plan to stop by. But I saw Gordi and I know we have to stop. The HQ is hidden on a neighborhood at Jeruk Purut area, which is real close with my wedding venue. Should have noticed that earlier.

Despite being tucked away somewhere, this place has parking. An open space to the left matches the glass building on the right. Glass building is always good news.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jia: An Epicurean Journey to Contemporary China

The classic New-Year-New-You phrase resonates to Jia, Shangri-La Jakarta’s latest signature Chinese restaurant, which was opened in place of Shang Palace. This is Fiona’s adventure to discover the delicacy of contemporary China.

Ni Hao. This is Fiona.

I've been to Shang Palace couple of time. When Jia takes over the premise, I feel the difference, but in a good way. It’s still a Chinese restaurant, with a young, vibrant and modern feeling. I personally love the interior, which I think has taken the right path to present China. Tokyo-based firm Bond was in charge of the interior, creating an update from its former dining place with shades of cobalt and a range of earth colors. The dining area can sit up to 122 guests and the private dining rooms can host 20 guests each. 

It’s hard to stop taking pictures because the place is so photogenic. The big tables are everywhere and sofas for 4 people or less. There’s a small transparent glass room for those who want to see the Peking Duck roasting. Yummy, I can imagine the smell of Peking Duck being opened by the chef.

Guan Yin Tea Cold Brew is waiting for me at the end of my journey around the restaurant. Served in a transparent bottle, it gives another hint of modernity. It’s really refreshing and I always love Chinese tea. I’m glad to find a cold brew that I can enjoy in a hot mid-day. The menu book is a magazine. You’d be surprise.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Indonesian Fusion at Gioi Plantery and Cookery

There is one spot in GIOI that makes us thought about eating at home with family. It’s like those perfect family dinner pictures you see abroad. The wooden homey interior with pictures and wall decorations, for a minute, created an illusion that it is actually our dining room at home.

This restaurant was perfect for special occasion, no doubt. So Fiona visited the place when Christmas vibe was still around. 

The holiday decoration is more helpful in creating “I’m home for Christmas” feeling. Red ribbons on chairs paired the leaves-and-pine Christmas d├ęcor, as well as the candles and Mason-jar-turned snowglobe table centerpieces. However, it’s a restaurant, and while at home Mom’s cooking of inherited recipes always won everyone’s heart, here you have to order dishes that suit your holiday mood. Here’s what I ordered after asking for recommendations: