Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sausage, Cheese Crust and Year-End Appetizing Pizza

One of the reasons you turn down a year-end meal invitation is because you’re bored. It’s the same stuffs all over again, served on the same plate at the same time. But PHD always comes with new innovation and before you know it, there’s another reason to return and order another round. So, what’s new this time?

PHD is back with BBQ Frankfurter Pizza and Duo Cheesy Crust.

We know uncut sausages are not exactly what you expect on a pizza. Well, it was a surprise at first, but it’s written on PHD menu. BBQ Frankfurter Pizza is all about sausages, and you can even request sausages crust if you’re craving for more on one pan. The sausages taste different from the one served as individual servings at PHD. This one is better, tastier and there’s equal amount for everyone. Otherwise, we can imagine competition over who gets the better slice.

The more cheese the better. For us, that’s the key for every dish in pizza restaurant. So when we saw Duo Cheesy Crust, this could be the answer to our Christmas wish. What’s Duo Cheesy Crust? There’s two type of cheese crust in one pizza: mozzarella and cheddar. It feels like you get the best of both worlds because what’s better than sausages and cheese together in one dish. The pizza is available in two sizes: regular and jumbo, and you can select whichever crust you prefer. The Duo Cheesy Crust can also be selected for your favorite pizza.

Don’t think too much, you can get all those in one pack, complete with side dishes and drinks. This is another thing we like about PHD, we don’t have to spend too much time browsing the menu, mix and matching different dishes. There is a package of BBQ Frankfurter Pizza with Duo Cheesy Crust, Sunny Peach Flatbread and 2 lite drinks (cost us Rp130.000). Although we’re not familiar with Sunny Peach, we do have our favorite flatbread. That doesn't mean we're not up for something new. However, if you’re curious, Sunny Peach is said to be sweet and fresh with the dough sweetened a little bit. It’s probably delicious served cold. So when we order this next time, we’ll refrigerate it first to make it similar to fruit pie.

Our recommendation? Psst, this is a secret. It’s Duo Cheesy Crust and the sausage together in one bite.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Duo Cheesy Crust? Please proceed to or call 1500-600 to order and tell us how you enjoy your meal. With PHD, there’s no reason to wait in hunger because it’ll arrive in 30 minutes or you’ll get a free-pizza voucher.

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