Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Two Makes Tasty, Sababay Meets TeSaTe

Was a little confused when a wine-tasting invitation arrived from TeSaTe, but who can say no to wine? Fiona decided to give it a try and arrived at TeSaTe Sam Ratulangi, Menteng. There's always the first time for everything.

So here's Fiona's first encounter with wine and TeSaTe Menteng. 

I have always love TeSaTe and its sister company, Sate Khas Senayan, because they're best known for its fine Indonesian dishes. But they always go beyond food when it comes to authenticity, like this particular branch of TeSaTe which features familiar ambiance in all three floors. The first floor is the lobby, dominated by the large windows and bright natural lights, plus an outdoor seating area. Right next to the open kitchen there's a large wine cellar. The third floor is a function room, complete with necessary equipments like projector. Then there are Gamelan and other Indonesian music near the stairs. Down the steps is private rooms, separated by partitions. Our area has open garden and waterfall which makes the underground floor isn't so packed. It's cool and simple, a perfect combination of contemporary and traditional corner. 


So, what's the story with the local wine? The name Sababay is taken from Saba Bay in Gianyar region, Bali. It's 100% Indonesian wine harvested by local Balinese farmers. Andy Fatima, Regional Sales Manager of Sababay explained the process, which is using the stainless steel equipments instead of wooden barrel. Sababay's 6 wine selections have been introduced in 2012 and are the winners of different awards like WSA Wine Challenge Singapore, China Wine & Spirits Awards , Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition and Korea Wine Challenge. As a wine enthusiast, this local bottles really spark my interest.

It matches the vision of TeSaTe, holding the wine pairing to introduce local dishes to international customers as well as opening a way for Indonesian food to go international. I think it's a great idea because Indonesian food tend to be this inherited recipe with complicated spices which aren't exactly popular flavors when it comes to world's general preference. Sababay helps the idea that Indonesian dishes are famous for their rich and complicated taste, so what's better than Indonesian wine to pair with them? 

Well, I love Indonesian food so I will support them. So, before I get everyone bored with the rambling, I present you the pairs:

Sababay Winery 'Ludisia' Sweet Red
Paired with:
Sate Ayam Ponorogo (Juicy chicken in sweet marinade, served with buttery peanut sauce)
Rendang ( Tender chunks of beef, slow cooked in a mixture of ground spices and coconut milk)

Taken from Sababay Signature Range, this Sweet Red Style can be categorized as dessert wine with a sweet hint that reminds me of a fruit-filled chocolate. Apparently pairing this kind of wine, you have to focus on the dish sauce. Satay sauce transformed into a creamier taste and the spiciness of Rendang turn subtle, leaving you to ask for more of each dish. Why sweet wine? Because the richer the spice, the lighter and sweeter the wine. 

Sababay 'Reserve Red.'
Paired with: 
Sate Sapi Makasar (Exotic combination of aromatic beef tenderloin with mouth watering, tangy sour starfruit sauce)

This wine reminded me of my favorite flavor, full-bodied and predominantly sour and fruity. With its unique stainless steel tank pressed process using burnt charcoal for the smokey hint, the result matches tangy sour starfruit sauce real well. My fellow blogger pal, Jessica Gaby, is from Makassar and she vouched for its authenticity. Now you can enjoy your hometown's dish at TeSaTe as you hang out with style with wine pairing session. 


Sababay 'White Velvet'
Paired with:
Dabu-Dabu Fish (A whole sea bass, grilled to a flawless golden crisp and served with the Celebes salsa of red and green Bird's eye chile, red and green fresh tomatoes and sweet shallots)
Sate Padang (Tender beef cheek and tongue served with aromatic turmeric sauce) 

The recent Korea Wine Challenge Bronze Medal champion reminds me of summer cocktails and parties. That's why its tangy hint pairs well with seafood like the crunchy Dabu-dabu fish and the poured fresh salsa on top of it. I'm a big fan of its Sate Padang which is soft, easy on the bite and delicious sauce. 

Sababay Moscato D’ Bali
Paired With:
Kerapu Bakar Jimbaran (The delicate flavor of live Kerapu fish is enchance by grilling in robust Jimbaran marinade)
Tahu Udang Berontak (Savory mouthful of succulent prawn and mushroom, encased in a crisp warm tofu envelope)
Serabi Solo (Traditional pancake, delicate and flavourful, a popular snack icon of Central Java)

The fried food best friend, I must say, this sparkling drink fits well with Tahu Udang Berontak. The drink's bubbly personality add more story to the Kerapu grilled fish. I love the wine when chilled. It's the kind that you'd ask for more. I also have a weakness with Indonesian desserts and snacks, so the Surabi is delicious. Filled with cheese and chocolate, ketan (sticky rice), and coconut, the Central Java snack is topped with fermented cassava ice cream. They are crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. 

TeSaTe is my comfort place to go when I'm hungry. The wine-pairing is a sweet surprise. So enjoy their buy 2 get 1 free for wine by the glass and bottle everyday. Don't know what to pack, get a sip at wine tasting on Friday and Saturday at 6-10PM. Try it before you bring one home. Ask the waiter for the combination, especially if you don't order from the pairing list above. I believe it's our job too, as food bloggers and taste enthusiasts, to spread the word. Indonesia has wine with international quality and local characteristics to fit the rich spice combination of the country.

Where is This?
JL. Gssy Samratulangi No. 39, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 31931250
Cek out other TeSaTe location

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