Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Christmas is Here at Gran Mahakam Hotel

Christmas comes early this year as we start seeing decorations being put up and delicious dishes being placed on the menu. And when Christmas is your favorite holiday of the year, an invitation to Gran Mahakam Intimate Christmas Luncheon is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Happy Holidays from Fiona.

Held at Gran Mahakam Hotel private room, I was welcomed by the decoration of Christmas ball tree as its centerpieces. There’s a photogenic corner, with overall theme of white, silver and gold. It’s a White Christmas feeling. Elegant decorations using white paper flowers and Christmas balls as well as charming chandelier of silver and gold Christmas balls tree.
The luncheon opened with bread and flower-shaped butter. I truly appreciate the details. Then comes the appetizer, a juicy Lobster Salad with Walnut dan Salmon Tartae. The dish is a refreshing alternative to seafood and a creative way to upgrade a salad. Seafood is still presence in the next dish to arrive on the table: Cream Edamame with Scallop Dumpling. Sometimes, you decide to go out your usual destinations with winter holiday and this is exactly what Edamame do. Forget asparagus or mushroom, Gran Mahakam chose to go bold with Edamame. The scallop isn’t chewy and the soup is delicious. I figured they need to add croutons on the side, well, I dipped the welcome bread instead.

Bread and flower-shaped butter
Lobster Salad with Walnut dan Salmon Tartae
Cream Edamame with Scallop Dumpling
Orange Sorbet
Before dashing through the main course, we have Orange Sorbet as palate cleanser. Refreshing but not sour enough to cleanse the palate. It’s served inside the orange and I was curious enough to dig in and have the juice sprayed to my face from the fruit meat. Haha.

Black Angus Beef Medallion with Foie Gras and Ragout Mushroom screams festivity. Medium-well melt-in-your-mouth steak with a jewel like Foie Gras is the sign that holiday is indeed here. It’s two of my favorite things served together on one plate. Joyful, joyful. But we always love choices, so the appearance of Nasi Daun Jeruk, the winner of Rice Dish at Gourmet Indonesia Award 2016, is much welcomed. Nasi Daun Jeruk is served alongside traditional side dishes like rempeyek (crackers), dendeng (thin-sliced meat), kering kentang (chips), ayam pedas suwir (spicy chicken), cumi cabai hijau (green chili squid) and satay.

Black Angus Beef Medallion with Foie Gras and Ragout Mushroom
Nasi Daun Jeruk
Exotic Fresh Fruit and Black Beauty Cake
Kue Cucur Rasa Pandan dan Gula Jawa 
Dessert is like a present we finally got because we’ve been good all year. We’ve been good all lunch-time finishing each dish. So Exotic Fresh Fruit and Black Beauty Cake opened the dessert time, making way to kue cucur. It’s like watching Thanksgiving parade and wait for Santa Claus to appear in the end. I’m not picky about cake so the Kue Cucur Rasa Pandan dan Gula Jawa is what attracting my attention. It’s soft in the middle and crunchy around the edges. Pandan smells good and enhances the food taste. With this dish, I’d say Gran Mahakam successfully takes traditional dessert into the next level without losing its original touch.

Their attention-to-detail won’t disappoint you with each food and plating are carefully thought and planned. I would order this for a holiday dinner package. This fills not only your stomach but also your heart.

Happy Holidays.

Where is this?

Hotel Gran Mahakam
Jl. Mahakam I No. 8, Blok M, Jakarta Selatan
(021) 7209966

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