Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hurricane's Burger Bar Redefining Classic

A successful Australian eatery, Hurricane's Grill, opened its second establishment called Hurricane's Burger Bar in Noble House, Lingkar Mega Kuningan. Passing through the area, Fiona decided to stop by and get a bite of the Bondi Beach patty.

This is Fiona’s super burger adventure.

Yes, adventure. Because at this burger bar there’s something for everyone and tasting each combination is a unique experience of its own. But the first impression is all about casual dining, where you can sit comfortably with friends on large tables. Smoking section is available on the bar. The lively ambiance makes this a perfect spot to hang out with your colleague after office hours. 

Pick your favorite

Burger is a real Western icon, yet there are many modifications throughout the journey that it can be hard to meet the original stack. Hurricane's Burger Bar introduces the Classic Burger of 100% pure beef patty topped with melted cheese on a bed of fresh salad garnish drizzled with creamy mayo. If you decided to order this, try to bite without anything else added to taste the authenticity. I personally need no more topping for this one. But, more is sometimes better. So Double Decker (two patties topped melted cheese, thousand island and onion marmalade) or Double Cheese can suit those who still prefer classic but crave for more between the buns.

Who doesn't like burger especially with high-quality meat packed into handcrafted patties. Hurricane's Burger Bar said it used “the very same meat used for the steaks, highest quality, air-flown straight from Australia and never-been frozen grass-fed beef.” These patties are cooked after you order, so they are still juicy when you take a bite. I’m truly happy with this. That’s why I don’t hesitate to taste something out of the box like The Heart Attack, a big Aussie breakfast in a bun. Beef patty, sizzling bacon, sausage, sunny side up and salad garnish are all served in a bun. Everything you want in just a bite. Easy peasy. 

The Classic Burger
The Sore Pocket Burger
Double Decker
Or simply because I’m a big fan of Foie Gras, I prefer The Sore Pocket Burger, a fancy dose of 120gr Wagyu patty, big chunk of Foie Gras (yes, big chunk!), grated truffles and sunny side up. When you think you can’t go fancy with burger, here comes the delicious combination of juicy patty and Foie Gras that will change your definition of “fancy.” Well, it changed mine.

If beef isn’t in your agenda for the day, then the simple and healthy Chicken Almighty (lean grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, sunny side up and aioli) might be up for your appetite. Yes, I consider bacon healthy haha. Or how about everyone’s favorite, Southern Fried Chicken Mess, which consists of a crispy deep-fried breaded chicken fillet with runny egg and smokey chipotle mayo. It’s really crunchy and a real treat for chicken lovers.

Undecided? Well, that’s how I usually am when it comes to too many good names on the menu. Although this time I’m sold with the Sore Pocket Burger, but just in case it’s too hard to choose between chicken and beef next time, there’s The Challenger. Broken down into pure beef patty on top of 150 gr deep fried chicken fillet, cheese, thousand island, and caramelized onion, this is the yin-yang of burger. But then again, I can always create my-kind-of-burger. Add on toppings and sides to my liking, creating a personalized stack. For starters, what are on the menu are good enough representatives for burger fans out there. It’s on my list to take my colleagues there someday.

Chicken Almighty
The Challenger
Chili Dog
Classic Hotdog
So, towards the end of my burger adventure, I encountered these two hotdogs: Classic Hotdog and Chili Dog. Classic Hotdog is made of Hurricane's special smoked beef sausage, caramelized onion, tomato and mustard. While the Chili Dog is a classic-base with spicy chili corn carne and chili sauce and melted cheese top. The sausages aren’t dry and the homecooked sauce, which is also used through the burger menu, is tasty. Something I would bring home as comfort food.

Just in case you’re wondering (I know Ruth would), they’re using Toby Estate for the coffee. Yes, we do care about coffee, even at a burger place.

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