Monday, September 12, 2016

Spice by Chris Salans: An Ubud Taste for Share

Ubud has never disappointed you. From art to food and the combination of two, there’s always something to discover in this part of Bali. On her recent visit, Fiona stopped by to taste another masterpiece of Chris Salans, the man behind Mozaic. A place called Spice.

Hi, this is Fiona!

Chris Salans is known for his signature cuisine which infuses local Balinese flavors with French cooking techniques. I had been eyeing on this restaurant since my last visit to Ubud, but it was full. This time I arrived with my fiance and he apparently is the perfect man to share the moment and the flavors. 

Located in the center of Ubud, this bright spot, unfortunately isn’t available for reservation, so we arrived early to choose the table we wanted to. My choice was the one by the massive glass window that allowed us to see the life of Ubud. It’s a warm-welcoming place with laidback atmosphere and delicious dishes. The chef, American-born Chris Salans is also the owner of Mozaic, which offer equally unique gastronomy experience through its ever-changing menu. But this is Spice, and we’ve yet to discover the taste.

As I walked in, I spotted special menu on the board. Sitting down and browsing on the list of foods, we chose the following:

Coconut water. I picked that. It’s Bali and what else would you drink in Bali? Coconut water is mandatory. Fiance chose Tropical Juice, a tasty mix fruits drink. I found out it has Papaya in the mixture, but because it didn’t smell like Papaya then it’s okay.

Food started flooding in no time:

Roast Pork Belly. Accompanied by Sweet potato grilled vegetable, fruit chutney and rujak sauce. The presentation of this dish hit me as awesome and creative. The pork belly is tender with crunchy outer layer, while the rujak sauce is sour but fits the whole combination. I mix everything and finish all the ingredients to the last drop. It’s definitely the bomb.

Tuna Tataki, arrived with Kecicang Sambal and Tempe Crackers. I was afraid my fiancé wouldn’t like the taste but I was wrong. He was the one enjoying the meal. When I finally able to steal a bit from him, I agreed that it’s truly delicious! Kecicang Sambal with the Torch Ginger Flower (locally known as Kecombrang) is spicy but refreshing, with a hint of sourness that complement the Tuna flavor. We cut the tuna into smaller pieces and placed them on top of the crackers. 

The food arrived one by one so we can share everything.

Next is Pouched Barramundi Fillet with Lemon Basil (Kemangi) and Canarium (Kenari). The dish comes with pesto sauce, tasty and salty but perfect when combined together with Barramundi. The fish, which is my favorite, is cooked to my liking: smooth and buttery. The funny thing is my fiancé kept eating them without having any idea what goes into his mouth. Haha.

The dishes are satisfying so far that we decided to go for another round. We asked the waiter what other guests are having, because everyone seems to order this particular dish and even the table nearby order two plates. Apparently it’s Crispy Fried Chicken. What? Well, even though it may sound ordinary, what arrives on our table is beyond expectation: Crispy Fried Chicken with Mixed Fruit Salad on the side and Sour cream tangy dressing. Chicken is crispy but still juicy. The dressing is too spicy for me, but I’ve never been a strong candidate when it comes to hotness level contest. Salad is fresh and definitely should be eaten together with the chicken.

You know sweet ending is a must, even though this blog owners love bitter black coffee. So we have Chocolate Cake with Jackfruit Sorbet which tastes super good. The chocolate cake is moist, with chocolate dominated flavor. Mix in the sorbet and you got great combination. It definitely takes Jackfruit up in the game.

Each portion is large enough for sharing, so you don’t have to fight for your orders. The interior takes you back to early 1900 with The Eagle, a bar which set the trends in London and still popular today. I love it, my fiance loves it too. We’d come back to return for the set menu. This place is where you should go whenever your journey takes you to Ubud because the beauty of art and the charm of culture aren’t just delivered through the eyes.

Where is this?
Spice by Chris Salans
Jalan Raya Ubud, Gianyar, Bali
(0361) 4792420

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