Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lobo’s New Charm

While the invitation is really interesting, the traffic seemed to prevent Fiona from going. But who can resist a charm? So there she was, arriving late like Cinderella at the dance party, to a beautifully decorated table and welcoming bread served alongside cute-looking butter.

This is Fiona’s charming dinner journey by Chef Jan Schwittalla at Lobo Restaurant, 
The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta

The new member of Lobo team, Chef Jan Schwittalla arrived as the restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine. His 14-year of culinary experience results in a modern twist on the traditional French Cuisine. The first to arrive on our table is Amuse Bouche, a dynamic starter that’s created personally by the German chef, different menu for different day. I was lucky because the one I had was a pretty dish served in egg shell, decorated with a nest. Inside are white and black alba mushrooms with Hollandaise sauce. On the side is a spoon with edamame and truffle foam which gave a surprising kick to the mix. 

That was one of the all-new 24 dish signature a la carte menu brought to Lobo. Here comes the rest.

gazpacho|tomato sorbet|caramel pepper
I saw a red dot and wondering what it was. After taking pictures (yes pictures comes first), everyone on the table tried to find a way to break it. Knock it with spoon, and we’ll get a peek of what’s inside: Gazpacho, usually made of raw veggies and served cold. This tomato-based dish got a crunchy twist, a curious but fresh combination. The soup is a little sour, so you have to mix it with the crunchy part to add a hint of sweetness. 

As I read through the menu, I can’t wait for this one to come. After the first surprise, I tried to figure out how this one would look like based on what’s written. Nevertheless, the one arrived on the table blew me away with its unique concept. Potato came in pipe shape, filled with egg, truffle and mushroom. Sousvide egg is perfect, mushroom (despite having it here and there today) are always appetizing and truffle is the best. 

Caviar is identical with elegant dinner, so what kind of twist would the chef give today? The caviar arrived on bed of Cucumber Tzatziki, something like yogurt and cucumber dip but textured like jelly. Served with prawn bisque and Hollandaise sauce. Prawn Bisque is creamy with large and delicious cuts of prawn. Mix it with caviar and you’ll get the ultimate taste of elegance. A fellow blogger who was a vegetarian got black lentils on her plate instead, and it looked so cute like it’s growing on her plate. 

sea bass|oliver|star anise
What’s the highlight, you asked? It’s Sea Bass, served with circular jelly with tomato, chives, basil and bell pepper inside. The perfectly pan-seared sea bass is juicy and not dry, but its skin is crispy. I love this a lot. The Cream Mussel Emulsion can be paired with anything. It’s rich so when you mix it with the sweetness hint from the fish, it tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. Now I started to go overboard in description, simply because the word “good” or “delicious” isn’t enough to illustrate the dish. I hope I can get a spoon to finish all the sauce, otherwise if it’s a little thicker I can finish it with fish and fork. Yum. 

beef cheek|oxtail ragout|onion
I’m actually full after sea bass, but who want to miss anything created by the chef who believes that presentation is equally significant as taste? So this one also is detailed in presentation. We got two plates, one with beef cheek (super soft in case you’re wondering), poured with wine sauce and blackened onion. On the other plate, there’s chopped oxtail ragout (bone marrow included) which makes a stunning combination. 

mango|lime|coconut|passion fruit
Dessert that represents the delight of summer months. But wait, there’s a palate cleanser which is a jelly shaped like a mini tomato with mint and sorbet inside. The cold cuts of mango and coconut bread is served in coconut bowl. Add on some passion fruits and all my favorites are in there. It was gone in a record time. 

Wine-pairing tasting menu are also available, with price starting from Rp. 661.000++ for the four-course menu and Rp. 824.000++ for the six-course menu.

If I can describe this dinner set, I will say, it’s where creative meets the palatable. Everything matches and flows in one rhythm, composed by the chef whose inspiration comes from many interesting personalities, cultures, cooking techniques and ideas he encountered in his journey. The owner of Michelin-starred restaurant in Bordeaux, France brought those to Lobo Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta and make sure we’re in good (if not the best) hands. I can’t wait to see more creativity from him. 

With three (3) Private Dining Rooms, Lobo restaurant is open daily for:
Lunch 12.00 pm – 3.00 pm
Dinner 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Where is this?
Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav.E.1.1 no.1, Mega Kuningan
Jakarta, 12950 Indonesia
TEL: +62 21 2551 8888

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