Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One Afternoon at Old Town White Coffee Pakubuwono

It’s probably not too much to say that OldTown White Coffee is legendary. While our first encounter is at supermarket shelf, these days the Malaysian brand has expanded into full-serviced restaurants. Opening its latest stand-alone outlet in Pakubuwono, South Jakarta, we’re honor to be part of the crowd.

This is Ruth and her late-afternoon coffee adventure.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lobo’s New Charm

While the invitation is really interesting, the traffic seemed to prevent Fiona from going. But who can resist a charm? So there she was, arriving late like Cinderella at the dance party, to a beautifully decorated table and welcoming bread served alongside cute-looking butter.

This is Fiona’s charming dinner journey by Chef Jan Schwittalla at Lobo Restaurant, 
The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta

The new member of Lobo team, Chef Jan Schwittalla arrived as the restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine. His 14-year of culinary experience results in a modern twist on the traditional French Cuisine. The first to arrive on our table is Amuse Bouche, a dynamic starter that’s created personally by the German chef, different menu for different day. I was lucky because the one I had was a pretty dish served in egg shell, decorated with a nest. Inside are white and black alba mushrooms with Hollandaise sauce. On the side is a spoon with edamame and truffle foam which gave a surprising kick to the mix. 

That was one of the all-new 24 dish signature a la carte menu brought to Lobo. Here comes the rest.