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Chill and Chilli, The Best of SenS Hotel & Spa, Ubud

SenS Hotel & Spa + Conference Ubud Town Centre looks fine from the outside. Even though it may not be one of those hotel you're immediately curious about, don't let first impression turn you back from this hotel. Entering its lobby, you're welcomed with slightly ethnic ambiance, cold towel and refreshing welcome drinks. I couldn't wait to see the room!

This is Fiona's adventure in Bali

Sens Hotel and Spa Ubud

Sens Hotel front doorSens Hotel Lobby

 refreshing welcome drink with genuine Balinese smile
(Clockwise from top left) 
Hotel front door, contemporary ethnic lobby,
 refreshing welcome drink with genuine Balinese smile and seating in lobby area

Room is comfortable, and as expected, neat. The most important thing for me is the bathroom and it looks clean and contemporary. Tempted to just jump into the bed, but it has to wait because we have a schedule to attend to. Let's head out and peek the pool before exploring more of the hotel's Balinese heritage architecture which blends with its contemporary interior.

(Clockwise from top left) 
First look into the room, and hey, it's swimming pool!

ACT 1: Tea Time
Alice and the Mad Hatter may envy this tea party. Entering homey Yonne, I can see the coffee and tea station. The tea is Kepala Djenggot, one of the Indonesian legendary brands, served with honey and lemon on the side. Snacks are divided into savory and sweet. Tried everything, but if you must pick, go with croquette and the pink Bolu Gulung cake. They're worth the price (Rp.50,000++)

(top to bottom) Tea Time menu and the Patio seating.
ACT 2: Hotel Walkthrough
Safety first. Ubud is secluded, so I was surprised to find security guard in front of the hotel. This place is also equipped well with CCTV and fire alarm. SenS Hotels & Spa has 97 guest rooms divided into 3 room types: executive, executive plus and suite. I'm staying in the first one. The plus is about an additonal sofabed, which also functioned as an extra bed. Suite has everything from better bathroom (bath tub, 3-type shower and more amenities), balcony to coffee machine. Each room has both soft and firm pillows but guest can ask for goose feather or pedic pillow at no additional cost. The good news about this room is how the plugs under the TV doesn't die when you take out the room key with you. So you can keep charging while you're away. Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout hotel, guestrooms and use of internet stations are included. Iron board, fridge and bathrobe are also available in the room. Sweet!

(top)The firm and soft pillow, room amenities, the bathroom and its glass wall 
(below) extra sofa bed and bath tub.

The bathroom is separated by glass wall, which can be covered with curtain if you desire privacy. Staying here alone, I rather have it open so I can watch TV from the shower. Well, if there's bath tub, I guess I'd be staying forever in the bathroom.

As for facilities, SenS Hotels & Spa stays true to its name. There's a 4-studios spa attached to a mini-gym, as well as a ballroom. Peliatan Ballroom can host up to 300 people while its pre-function room, which face Sukma Street can accomodate up to 150 persons. The hotel is non-smoking, except for patio area and some open spaces in front of the hotel.

Our last stop is the kitchen. Well, we're food bloggers so we have the privilege to peek into the hotel's kitchen and learn some of the secret. We're taught the basic steps like whisking, opening eggs with one hand and how to cook eclairs/chocolate volcano. Of course with the help of the chef.

Peliatan Ballroom
Spa studio that makes me want to lay down and relax
Cooking class! The chocolate lava cake is on the making
Oops, we got to peek into the menu
Secret recipe!
ACT 3: Dining at Sundown
Held at Yonne Cafe & Bar, which faces the courtyard and swimming pool, we're seated together. It's probably good to know that this dine in is the only one opens for 24 hours in Ubud area. The menu is as follow:

is onion soup. A mix of fresh, spicy and sour. If you like onion, the mix of onion and chicken cuts will suit your palate.

Main Course: A Balinese rice package with wrapped satay, chicken, shrimp, Sambal Matah, Urap (veggies), potato fritters, stir-fried tempe and salted fish. Shrimp is fresh and tasty. There are two piece of chicken on each plate, so we don't have to worry about running out of meat. But the highlight of the plate is the Sambal Matah, probably the freshest chili I've ever tasted. Stir-fried tempe and salted fish are crunchy and the yellow rice is cooked just right. I'm satisfied with the meal and secretly hope to bring back some of the Sambal Matah home. Hm.. probably should have glimpsed into the Sambal Matah cooking process at the kitchen visit instead.

Anyone up for dessert? What? Who said I was full? Well, I had to admit the main course is enough to keep me happy, but there's always room for dessert right? Turned out it's the dessert we cooked, Chocolate Volcano with square jelly and swan eclair. You'd imagine different flavors going through one same dish, but the sweetneess of the melted chocolate compliments the fresh-sour combination of the jelly. Definitely a must-have.

Yonne Cafe and Bar. Come anytime. We're open.
The onion soup is fresh, spicy, yet sour. Can you handle that
The Balinese Rice Set. Just focus on its sambal matah
This is something we learnt to make back in the kitchen
because you can never go wrong with dessert
If you're in Ubud, do consider staying here. Well, I would. Aside from the hotel itself, the location is quite prominent. SenS Hotel & Spa + Conference Ubud Town Centre is within walking distance of several foodie destinations like the cafe area around Ubud Market. Not to mention Bali Buddha and Spice. If you want to visit other destinations, ask the concierge for shuttle to popular places like the monkey forest. The hotel is clean, a super plus point for a healthy freak like me. Bali is hot, no matter what people would say, and despite Ubud's higher location, it's still hot and sweaty. So this spot become the oasis of the savannah. You will rest well after a hectic day of exploring the island of gods. They know that despite my so-called vacation visit, I have madness listed on my itinerary. Wake up the next day, feeling fresh and happy.

Until the next stay. I'll leave you with two of my favorite pictures: The Bali framed in the ballroom and my usual "hang out" spot in Bali: Poolside!

Where is this?
SenS Hotels & Spa + Conference Ubud Town Centre
Jalan Sukma Banjar Tebesaya Peliatan 

PO BOX 2828 Ubud 80571 Gianyar - Bali
Tel: +62 361 8493328

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