Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ruci's Joint & Art Space: Double Delight

Arriving early at Ruci, I got to witness the last minutes of opening preparation of the premise. So, here’s your chance to snap a picture with the well-known 3D Sting instalation by a local artists, Maradita Sutianto. And that corner is only on of countless photogenic points inside Ruci, which is actually a mix of collaborative art space and collaborative cafe. 

Let’s explore more of Ruci with Fiona today.


Entering through the door the first thing that catches the eyes are a big typography spelling “Ruci’s Joint” on it. It’s not hard to find a favorite corner in this place, well, I have soft spot for mural and pretty interior. When I saw the collaborative art space part, a spacious place with perfect working ambiance, I was thinking about doing my blogging here. The overall interior, which is dominated by minimalist and homey feel to it, has an artsy feels with a piece of terrarium from @ateliergleuri. There are also creative workshops, make-up classes and art exhibitions held here. This place can also be booked for private function.

Sounds perfect. The collaborative cafe part offers selective F&B tenants, with variety that may amaze you. Is that your stomach growling? Well, let’s get going then.

Shamelesssalad menu that arrived on my table are Signature Salad (80k) with Sweet Potato Perkedel (30k/2 pieces) and Chicken Caesar Salad (90k). To be honest, I’ve been eyeing on their salad, dips and crudites from Instagram. I was thinking about ordering it for catering because for a salad freak like me, I love to see my plate filled with different kinds of fruits and veggies, including arugula, mushroom, avocado, tuna and feta cheese with balsamic and mustard vinaigrette dressing. (Ruth probably skips this part right away haha). The salads are my favorite, especially when combined with perkedel (potato fritters) because it gives the crunchy and tasty side effect. My boyfriend, whom I forced to try these salads, apparently liked the greens and almost finished the plate. Oh, the Paleo Caesar Dressing is also something to die for.

Signature Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad
On my list next time is the dips and cruedits, which hummus got me contemplating whether I shouldn’t wait for next time. Their sandwiches are also worth the try for those watching out what they eat as it uses homemade low-GI bread. And if the regular salad isn’t challenging enough for you, maybe Coucous side Salad would. This is like a heaven for healthy eater, serving the real kick-ass salads.

But let’s move on to something that’s more of an indulgence and delicacy, Rendang Ondemonday. An iconic to Indonesia, this Minangkabau traditional dish is created by shimmering meat in rich spices for hours. Expect fragrance and soft, melt-in-your-mouth beef served with rice if you order this. Ruci’s Rendang Ricebowl (68k) has everything you ask for your lunch (or dinner). Rice, Rendang, Acar (preserved cucumber), Rambak (cow skin crackers) and the yummy caramelized curry sauce. 

Ruci's Rendang Bowl
On my list next time is Nasi Itik lado Hijau (63k). Had been tempted to order but the Rendang turned out to be a satisfying lunch.

Osu! Skewers & Bar iserves a grilled shabu shabu sirloin marinated with Osu special sauce, fried garlic chips and mixed vegetables. When I picked the generous portion meat off their Garlic Yakiniku Don (65K), they are surprisingly soft and tasty. With Japanese rice and garlic chips, I think this is my kind of beef bowl. So, where’s my truffle oil to make this perfect?

Garlic Yakiniku Don
Moving on to Ya Dong Dim Sum, a Chinese idea of canapes. The food comes in bite-size and served alongside Chinese Tea. Pick your favorite from the Dim Sum menu. I picked Lo Bak Go (Fried Turnip Cake), Cheong Fan (Steamed Prawn and Beancurd), Guo Tie (Steamed Pot Stickers), and Liu Sha Bao (Molten Salted Egg Custard Fried Bun). Big portion beware!

This is my Dim Sum (35k each) recap: Guo Tie should be highlighted because it has generous fillings wrapped in thin skin. Salted egg lovers should try Liu Sha Bao while its hot, it melts and ... I can’t really describe how it taste. My boyfriend loves the Lo Bak Go, it was less than five minutes before the rest of them are all gone. The texture is nice and there’s a sunny side up egg on top. Delicious turnip. Cheong Fan is silky smooth rolls with crunchy fillings and huge prawn. That’s enough said.

Cheong Fan
Guo Tie
Lo Bak Go
Where else can you try the different dish under one roof? But these foods change every 3 months, make sure you don’t miss any of them. I have to plan my next visit real soon.

Oh, the Ruci Art Space is open now. Lucky for us, we got to catch the last days of Anton Ismail’s "Rumah". The art space is closed on Mondays and they hav live music on Saturdays, so plan your weekends well. Ruci means source of light in Sanskrit and the place really live up to the name, enlightened me with food and art. The place will give you visual and taste orgasm. Haha. 

Where is This?
Ruci's Joint
jalan Suryo no 49
10 am to 10 pm (sunday-thursday)
10 am to 12 midnight (friday saturday)

Ruci's Art Space
jalan Suryo no 49
11 am to 7 pm (tuesday-sunday)

instagram @rucisjoint

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sailendra Presents Italian Adventure with Bella Pasta

Sailendra is always full of surprises. Celebrating the incoming summer, Italian delicacies are here at J.W. Marriott Jakarta, brought to you by Executive Chef Francisco Holmes-Brown. Hold on to your summer travel plan and start early with the Bella Pasta promotion, available only on May 20 to 29, 2016.

Anticipation of what's in Bella pasta
The bright and large-windowed Sailendra has made this restaurant a personal favorite for us. We’re welcomed with a beautifully decorated long table and an antique coffee bean grinder. Of course, there are plenty of pasta on display. That’s what we’re here for. It’s a reminiscence of what’s eating Italian style feels like. According to Chef Francisco, in his hometown, food aren’t served per-portion but shared among family members. Pastas are served in large bowls and passed around among everyone on the dining table. Fresh welcome drinks are available, a spritzer-like, and mix berries. Something to cool off the hot summer outside.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Chill and Chilli, The Best of SenS Hotel & Spa, Ubud

SenS Hotel & Spa + Conference Ubud Town Centre looks fine from the outside. Even though it may not be one of those hotel you're immediately curious about, don't let first impression turn you back from this hotel. Entering its lobby, you're welcomed with slightly ethnic ambiance, cold towel and refreshing welcome drinks. I couldn't wait to see the room!

This is Fiona's adventure in Bali

Sens Hotel and Spa Ubud

Sens Hotel front doorSens Hotel Lobby

 refreshing welcome drink with genuine Balinese smile
(Clockwise from top left) 
Hotel front door, contemporary ethnic lobby,
 refreshing welcome drink with genuine Balinese smile and seating in lobby area

Room is comfortable, and as expected, neat. The most important thing for me is the bathroom and it looks clean and contemporary. Tempted to just jump into the bed, but it has to wait because we have a schedule to attend to. Let's head out and peek the pool before exploring more of the hotel's Balinese heritage architecture which blends with its contemporary interior.

(Clockwise from top left) 
First look into the room, and hey, it's swimming pool!