Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Omakase Lunch with Celebrity Chef Akira Watanabe

Pasta House AW Kitchen opened its second store last month in Plaza Indonesia. Romantic modern with a touch of pop up. And yes, this instagenic place is more comfortable and casual than the first one in Plaza Senayan with open kitchen and bar.

The Italian-meet-Asian restaurant proves to be perfect for a gathering with friends. Less formal than the one we frequented in Plaza Senayan. The open preparation kitchen enables us to see what’s being prepared by the skillful staff members. So it was a pleasure to see them work. The bar is another photogenic spot for those looking for several snaps before the food comes in. It’s also the perfect place for those looking for a more open and relaxing ambiance for hangout. Pasta House AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia can accommodate up to 140 seats.

We arrived on a beautifully decorated table with mouthwatering menu. In the middle of our conversation, the first dish of the Omakase Lunch Set Menu with Chef Akira Watanabe arrived.

Amuse Bouche: Beet-Root Expresso Soup.
Red in color, the soup is served in an espresso shot glass. So you just drink and gulp it down, Italiano style. It’s sweet, luxury and rich without unnecessary after taste. Doesn’t smell like the ground either, so this beet is definitely recommended

Antipasto Freddo: Chu-toro Tuna & Red Snapper Carpaccio.
Beautifully plated, that’s the first thing that comes to our mind. This is the chef’s special creation, a mix of Japanese and local ingredients. The Tuna is imported from Japan while the restaurant uses local red snapper. Did we mentioned the beautiful plating? It seems like we can’t get over this. There’s ikura (always yummy!), edible flowers, wasabi sauce and all are looking lovely on the plate. Wasabi isn’t for Fiona, but when it comes to this one dish, all the elements blends together nicely. The plate is cleaned in no time.

Primi Pasta: Hokkaido Crab with Ikasumi Spaghettini Tomato Sauce.
Black spaghetti with Hokkaido Crab sauce is beyond delicious, if there’s such a thing as beyond delicious. The sweet taste of the crab complement the black pasta and the journey ends with a freshness from the sauce. We want to clean up the leftover sauce on the bowl with bun. We prefer not to leave anything behind.

Secondi Piatti: Wagyu Tenderloin Wrapped in Baked Potato & Truffle Oil
This is the dish that will surprise you. Our first impression were like “WHOA!” Unusual but creative plating. We cut the center of the rosti-look potato ball, to reveal the vegetables and asparagus underneath. Truffle’s smell fills the air and later on our tongue as we bite. The meat is soft and this is one of the most brilliant way to present meat. As we bite on the meat, the potato and other veggies in the center each gets a turn. We need more truffle.

Dolce: Lychee Mousse
What started well, should end with an unforgettable blast. So this dessert also has beautiful presentation like the rest of the menu. Fruits with mango sauce, ice cream and mousse. At a glance it looks like a Panacotta decorated with meringue. The taste itself is rather awesome. Soft and fresh, lychee is obvious and the flavor is easy to find. Lychee lovers like us would love this dessert right away. Love this from the first try.

In conclusion? This restaurant is home to endless creativity and it has the tendency to mix and match things on one plate, creating a new yet delicious flavor. We wish to see more creation from Chef Akira Watanabe.

Where is this?
Plaza Indonesia 2nd Floor No.E026,
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta 10350.
021 - 2992 4325

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