Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As Homey as MM Juice

MM Juice is always homey. As far as we can recall, this restaurant is comfort food and childhood memory combined. We are both familiar with the old-fashioned one in Blok M. So, finding a familiar restaurant like MM Juice in an IT-center called Summarecon Digital Center is like a sanctuary from the world unknown. 

On Our Table:
Bakso,Iga Mercon, Otak Otak Bakar, Soto Betawi dan Durian Kopyor
What we remember the most about MM Juice is its fresh juice. Whether you have it on a restaurant or order it off a food court stall, you can see how they make it and ask for a personalized one. Aside from the juice, they serve great Indonesian food on their restaurants. Here are the food line-up for our visit:

Otak-otak bakar (grilled fishcake, Rp5k each) is tasty and soft. Still taste the same classic fish cake which you can actually taste the ground fish meat and ignore the starch/ flour. It’s probably good as a side dish if you have rice. And yes, be prepared to open more of this banana leaf-wrapped snack because one is never enough especially when you dip it into the chili sauce. 

Otak-Otak Bakar
Siomay (a.k.a. dumpling) tastes good too. Well, for this food, we’re glad to find it not fishy. Served alongside roughly grinded peanut sauce, this fish-based light meal is filling for those thinking about skipping the main course for the day.

Soto Betawi is beef cubes in coconut milk, often served with emping (crackers made of melinjo/belinjo nuts). It has vibrant taste and best served with rich, thick and savory broth of coconut milk and beef. This one is exactly like that. Mix it with lime juice and chili, as well as rice if you prefer them together. This Jakarta-native soup dish won’t disappoint you. Since Soto Betawi can easily be found anywhere in the capital city, and often the best ones belong to street food carts, finding a tasty one at a restaurant can be a challenge. Each comes with secret spices and extra ingredients which make their Soto Betawi unique. You just have to try the one at MM Juice.

Iga Mercon
literally translates to firecracker ribs, referring to the hot and spicy of its sambal. The dish is served with rice which we think too little for the portion. But the beef is soft and tender and the chili is just right. If you’re a spicy fan, you should go with this. But if you can’t handle too much chili, just add sweet soy sauce on the mix.

Soto Betawi
Iga Mercon
Take a seat, it's perfectly homey
Aside from the menu, we asked around our friends’ opinion on the restaurant and there are two more dishes you should try: Beef Kway Teow Soup and Pempek (yes, another fish-cake like snack). Overall, it’s a comfort food, something you’d find at home. We grew up with MM Juice as a weekend lunch getaway, and now that it’s everywhere, we love to be a regular.

Where is this?
MM Summarecon Digital Center (SDC) Serpong
Jl. Scientia Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang 15810

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