Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First Taste: Meat Lovers’ New Best Friends

Our all-time favorite pizza got a revamp! Meat Lovers, PHD’s signature product, now arrives in three sauces: Honey BBQ, Cheesy Mayo and Spicy Tomato. A tempting challenge on the classic mix. Are you up for it?

PHD Meat Lovers
Choose your favorite sauces
The first sauce, Honey BBQ, is the best out of three. The sweetness of BBQ paired perfectly with the savory hint of the meat and cheese. This one reminds us of a burger. If you don’t want to wander too far from the Meat Lovers you know, choose this one.

The second serving, Cheesy Mayo, throws your diet plan out the window. Thick layer or cheese and fatty mayo is best for cheese lovers out there. Topped with generous meat, this one is best shared, if you are sincerely able to let one slice move from your plate. But, well, the chance is probably close to zero. Determined to cater everyone, the third one is Spicy Tomato. You’ve probably guessed that this one is dedicated to the curious adventurers out there. We expected chili flakes or a little hint of Tabasco, but this one is heavy on the tomato side. With this level of spicy, this pizza would still fit children’s tongue. Good news for family. The pizzas start from Rp75k and sauces aren't sold separately.

PHD Meat Lovers sauces
Cheesy Mayo - Spicy Tomato - Honey BBQ
PHD Meat Lovers spicyPHD Meat Lovers cheese

PHD Meat Lovers BBQ
Our Favorite Honey BBQ
Meat Lovers has always been a safe bet whether you’re a regular customer who doesn’t want to risk quality comfort and familiar taste, or a new customer who ask upon arrival on the counter: “what’s your specialty?” With the sauces, it’s like you find three new best friends, each with different personality, while still sharing the same ideology. PHD guarantees your order to arrive within 30 minutes or you would be given free pizza voucher.

Apparently the pizza also gets an upgrade. PHD now served Sausage Pastry Crust (add Rp20k to your order). Sausage wrapped in Zuppa soup’s crunchy pastry are topped with Parmesan Cheese. This fancy (but yummy) extra is available for all toppings, not just Meat Lovers, if you order regular/jumbo size. So, while you’re there, why don’t you give surprise a bite.

PHD Meat Lovers crust
Pastry Crust
PHD Meat Lovers friends
Perfect for friends
We’re glad to be the part of the invite sent out by PHD a while ago to taste the new generation of Meat Lovers. If you’re hungry after reading our story, please proceed to phd.co.id or call 1500-600 to order this new trio. Then tell us which side you’re on.

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