Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tasting Japanese Food Culture at AEON Mall BSD City

Finally found my perfect dish, I ordered: a bowl of ramen, a plate of chicken steak with miso and chicken karaage on the side. The cashier gave me a pager along with receipt and changes. I was told to wait for the pager to buzz which means my food is ready. The peculiar experience is just another day at Food Culture AEON Mall BSD City. 

Hello, this is Ruth.

An invitation to attend a food blogger gathering arrived on our inbox last weekend. As curiosity defeated the laziness to drive on Sunday morning, I found myself exploring a food court called Food Culture at AEON Mall BSD City. When you heard food court at this new mall (it’s less than a year old), the first thing that come to your mind is Kedai Bungkus by the supermarket at AEON Department Store area, which is famous for its low-priced sushi and other Japanese take-home snacks. Food Culture is on the other end of the mall.

I think there’s a reason why this place is called “Food Culture” and it’s all about experience. As I entered, passing by the Japanese restaurants on each side, I was welcomed by a large screen and a digital Koi pond which is popular with young children. It's probably like that favorite iPad game came alive. Passing the Koi pond, I felt like I had stepped out of a neighborhood mall to a completely different era. Modern Japanese atmosphere is paired with diverse food selections from the land of the rising sun. When Food Culture was first opened last year, they have Japanese chefs supervising the food, making sure it was up to the desired quality. 

Pick your favorite out of the 21 restaurants

“Food Culture has 21 restaurants,” said Nico Abiawan, the representative of AEON Mall. “It’s a Japanese-themed food court where 90% of the restaurants are Japanese serving food from appetizer to sushi and bento box.” Bento and Taiyaki (the fish-shaped dessert) are two of the most popular dishes at the court, according to Niko.

Lucky for us bloggers, Chef Rahmidi from Little Tokyo Sushi showcased his fish-cutting and sushi-making ability while sharing tips on choosing the freshest fish out there. Here are the three things I noted:

  • If Salmon is hard to get (or too expensive) for a sushi-making time at home, you can replace Salmon with Kakap (Garoupa) or Kembung fish. Just make sure its fresh.
  • Everything can be used in salmon, down to its bone. Bone? Well Chef Rahmidi said bone is for fish soup.
  • Don’t wash the fish once it’s cut and skinned. 
Chef Rahmidi from Little Tokyo Sushi shares his tips and skills

The hand roll sushi, a new way for takeout world
He sent us exploring with a sushi roll in hand, an interesting concept of hand-held sushi. You eat it like a hamburger: open the wrapping, hold the food and bite. It was surprisingly good. Picking a seat at Food Culture is easy. They have long tables by the window (which is my personal favorite) and the round tables like those found in Chinese restaurants. Families with stroller don’t need to worry because the alleys are wide enough for pushchairs. Food Culture also has an outdoor seating area, with life music plays on designated times. If you’re looking for an instagramable spot, there is an alley by the outdoor seating, on the left side of the stage, which is covered in silver leaves. 

Price is always relative. Nico told us not to worry much about price because the range is quite wide. I spent less than Rp150k for the food I ordered above on the intro, plus ice green tea for the drinks. 

The receipt and pager

Oops the pager buzzed, I approached the counter and picked up my order. Chicken steak was unexpectedly delicious and ramen is much better than many I’ve ever tasted. So browse around and you’ll definitely find a dish you want at a price you prefer. I hope I still can have space for Taiyaki after this.

Where is this?
Food Culture
AEON Mall BSD City, Ground Fl.
Jl. BSD Raya Utama, Desa Sampora,
Kec. Cisauk, Kec. Tangerang, Banten

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