Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tranquil Escape at Inaya Putri Bali

It’s a good start for my vacation in Bali. As I stepped out the rental car, I entered a spacious and minimalist hotel lobby in Nusa Dua area, welcomed by the warm hospitality of the crew. Yes, I’m in Bali.

Tempting lobby area. Let's get inside!
Fiona’s adventure continues.

I love Inaya Putri Bali right away, it’s open and wide with a touch of Indonesian decoration. It tempted me to go around and explore more of the hotel ground. It would be a nice workout though because the hotel is home to 460 contemporary guest rooms, suits and exclusive villas resembling the Balinese Penglipuran village. Its architecture takes on the local artistry and is inspired by 7 Hindu Goddesses. No wonder it feels like a sanctuary, especially after a long morning of flight and brunch. After a welcome drink, a buggy car drove us around, through the villas. I can’t wait to drop our things inside the room to see more of what Inaya Putri Bali has to offer.

I entered Puri Lima, passing by a spa room that can be seen from the outside. Gaya Inaya Spa offers treatments from different ends of archipelago. After a short walk, I peeked into the swimming pool through my room’s private balcony. I stayed in Deluxe Pool Access Room with a few friends. The room is created to express contemporary Balinese creativity and perfect for families as well because it can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child up to 12 years old. You can request to have king or twin bedding, as well as the option of taking deep-soaking bathtub and rain-shower in its marble bathroom.

(above) Don't worry about getting lost.
(below left to right) The alleyway that leads us to the villas and the gate to each property.

Passing by Gaya Inaya Spa, on the way to my room.
Deluxe Pool Access Room isn’t the only luxury option they have. Its One-Bedroom Suite (909sqm), the Ocean View Suite (90sqm) and Two-Bedroom Suite (135sqm) even come with club privileges, personalized butler service, foot bath ritual upon arrival and pillow selection. Seriously tempting. But let’s go back to reality and check what’s in our room. I checked the bed, yes, it’s comfy. Wait, what’s inside the mysterious cover? Inaya Putri Bali generously provide exotic fruits and spice-filled eye mask to welcome you to the hotel. They also provide the modern coffee machine with its capsules.

(above) comfortable beds alert, first thing I checked in the room
 clockwise from top left) In-room amenities: TV (who needs it though?),
Let's check what's under the mysterious cover,
Perfect welcome, and coffee machine

Then I checked what kind of soap they have in the bathroom because forgetful me didn’t pack one for the trip. Apparently they have a full-size tube of coconut scent soap. Smells like the beach is close by. The bathroom is enormous. Was it like half of the room size? There’s a white bathtub on top of a wooden base floor. I was hoping there’s a window with view, but this is private enough. Right now I just wish to order room spa and fall asleep.

It’s called Deluxe Pool Access Room, so all you have to do to jump into the pool is opening the large room window. The porch is equipped with lazy chairs. Imagine staying here with extended family. It’d be an unforgettable vacation! 

Don't you just want to soak in?
(above) Rain shower bathroom,
 clockwise from top left) Swimming pool peeking from your window,
porch by the pool,
Pick which side of the pool you'd want to jump in.

Don't forget your sunscreen
Sundown Scene
Well, swimming pool has to wait. I walked around and explore the hotel ground after putting on some sunscreen. I want to see more of the green gardens, The vine-covered walls on every corner and Bali heritage-inspired of the minimalist architecture. I stopped by the unfinished chapel. The weather was rather hot, but the garden and its green made the walk comfortable. Then I passed another swimming pool, which seems like a popular sunbathing spot. The Three Tier Infinite Pool is where everyone sunbathe surrounded by modern design and tranquility. You can also spot another unfinished chapel. Let’s revisit this place when the chapels are done just to enjoy the architecture.

But what’s Bali without a walk on the beach. With an ocean front view villa, it’s hard to miss the endless white sand, and the photogenic lining up of lime-blue beach chair. It suddenly felt like summer. With Jakarta’s pouring rain, I would switch it with this view and weather anytime. If you feel hungry, there is Ja'Jan by The Sea, Inaya’s beach grill serving various menu from pork ribs to fried rice (yes, fried rice can be something you’re craving for while you’re on the beach). Order fresh coconut water to relinquish your thirst after a long walk and enjoy them all as you have a great time on the beach.

(above) Entrance to tranquility,
(below, clockwise from top left) The chapel seen from below,
Swimming pool from the path,
Closer look at swimming pool,
Lounging chair comes in summer colors

Photogenic chairs by the beach. It's summertime!
Garden by the beach
Ja'Jan menu

Light and romantic side of Inaya Putri Bali
Ja'Jan by The Sea, just like its name (Jajan means snacking), presents local dining experience with an array of traditional roving food carts. Laid-back and familiar, this spot will win many hungry stomach. The food place is open 11 am – 9 pm, accommodating up to 75 people. Unfortunately, we have BBQ By the Beach waiting us at sundown. The hotel ground switched to lights and the mood suddenly became romantic with the beach breeze. When the food arrives, you can tell they’re nicely plated even though it’s rather dark for pictures. Something (probably as a food blogger) I’m thankful about. 

Let’s get started with the menu.

Whoa, they have Jumbo Tiger Prawn with Tomato Sambal and Corriander as an opening dish. My love-hate relationship with crustacean made me always cautious with this type of seafood. Green Asparagus cooked with lemon and thyme is served on a Mason jar. Lamb Chop with Mint Chutney is another delight of tender meat and tasty mint sauce. Chicken Tandoori Drumstick comes with Baby Romaine, while I secretly wish for rice for the pair. Grilled Salmon cooked with Parsley, Capper and Olive Oil is a little salty for my tongue. I think this dish is meant to be a smoked salmon like, so it’d be perfect with garlic bread to balance the flavors. Honey Pumpkin Fries is definitely sweeter than the regular ones. Super happy with this one.

Jumbo Tiger Prawn with Tomato Sambal and Corriander
Green Asparagus cooked with lemon and thyme
Lamb Chop with Mint Chutney
Chicken Tandoori Drumstick
Grilled Salmon cooked with Parsley, Capper and Olive Oil 
Honey Pumpkin Fries
On the thirst quenchers line there are Lemon Mint (Dilmah Earl Grey Tea, Lemon, Freshly mint leaves and simple syrup), Passion Coco (Exotic Dilmah passion fruit tea,fresh coconut water and honey), Watermelon Rosemary (Dilmah earl grey tea, Watermelon and Fresh rosemary).

We end the day with a night swimming session, and sleeping soundly til morning.

Bonus Breakfast

There’s no good hotel without good breakfast, so here’s my breakfast tale at Inaya Putri Bali. Aside from what’s on the buffet, there are also a la carte menu you can order for morning munchies. I can have my own creation of french toast, bacon and maple syrup. There are also eggs made the way you want: poach egg with salmon or bacon, scrambled egg or your favorite. Canale is available for dessert.

The hotel is currently revamping its ground, so during our stay I didn’t get to experience everything. But it was picturesque, homey and comfortable already that I really want to come back when they’re done. Would be fabulous to witness the whole masterpiece. 

Inaya Putri Bali seen from the garden ground
Where is This?
Inaya Putri Bali
Kawasan Wisata Nusa Dua Lot S-3, Nusa Dua, Kuta Selatan, 
Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363
(0361) 774488


  1. Nice pics! Beautiful review as well :)

  2. Although this place is probably not cheap, but they are centrally located, have fabulous staff and delicious food, and most importantly, the best views of the city. I would definitely recommend these New York venues for any kind of fancy event – all my friends talked about throwing parties here only.