Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stay Healthy Through The Rain

Rainy season is finally here. When we’re younger, our moms used to gave us this sterilized milk whenever the rain brought us down and we need an extra boost for our health. So, as the season change, so it’s only fitting that we look deeper to the bottom of the can.

First thing first. BEAR BRAND is actually cow milk, which had gone through sterilization process. What’s the deal with sterilized milk? Sterilization basically destroys all germs, enabling the milk to be stored at room temperature for long periods of time. But if you can’t finish the can in one sitting, store what’s left on the fridge.

The care package arriving on our table consist of BEAR BRAND Gold White Tea and BEAR BRAND Gold White Malt. Let’s say, at the first glance, these are the short and plump version of the classic ones. Despite aiming for a different benefit, both BEAR BRAND Gold variants are sterilized low fat high calcium milk. Good news for us, food bloggers, who encounter fat everywhere. It’s more creamy and thick than your regular fresh milk but you can still use it for oatmeal or cereal if you prefer. We usually drink them straight.

The BEAR BRAND Gold White Malt is probably the best when you’re looking for extra energy. With malt and supplementary vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12), this variant would get you through the rainy days without sneezing out your worry. But if you’re already fit, give BEAR BRAND GOLD White Tea a try. Deriving from selected tea leaves, the tea is perfect for us who has to deal with air conditioned office and long commute hours on weekdays.

Taste good? Setting the benefits aside, If you like “tea” taste in your food and drinks, white tea is probably the best. But if you’re an oatmeal person, white malt might warm your heart. But we’ve learn throughout the years of drinking classic, that benefits had overcome the preference of taste. We’re stocking up both for the upcoming months as the ready-to-drink weapon against the season.

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