Tuesday, January 5, 2016

You Come, You See, You Eat at Rasa Restaurant

At Rasa, you plan what to eat as you enter the restaurant because you’ll be walking through endless indulgence. By the time I’m sitting down, I know exactly how my meal is going to be like: delicious.

This is Fiona’s adventure at Rasa.

Located at InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza Hotel Jakarta, Rasa translated as “taste” and is serving a creative blend of European and Asian food. Open kitchen and live cooking stations has become their signature to entertain the guests dining there. As I enter, there are big areas, each with chef ready to offer their creations. Prepare to be amazed with what’s inside each station and select what you’d want to eat first. I was overwhelmed with choices, but all the good choices.

The light decoration, right above the center square is an eye-catching center piece. This restaurant features both indoor and outdoor seating. Sitting at the seafood area, I'm surrounded by crabs, prawns and oysters. Looking around, there are salad bar (a do-it-yourself kid of thing), soup station and of course the sweets (dessert, fruits, and cake) placed beautifully. The salad is served on cocktail glasses.

Moving on to the carving station on the other side, from meat to salmon is ready to be cut to your preference. The vegetables are tasty as well and they comes with sauces, so even if you’re not a green fan. There’s a cheese table and bread with real honey. (Ruth would love this!) Cold cuts also vary, and are accompanied by crackers and cheese.

Rasa also has Indian food for a change. But I’m too excited with everything else... like the flambé station, where you can select fresh seafood and watch the live cooking with dancing fire. The main attraction is Tuna Cutting Show which starts at 7PM. The gigantic tuna has to be carried by 3 people to the cutting station, then the head chef cut them into various pieces, including sashimi served fresh to our table. I requested Toro (the pale, fatty cut of tuna) repeatedly because it was so fresh and taste awesome.

Grill station is located outside. There’s also a noodle station that I unfortunately don’t have enough time (or space in my stomach) to try. Rasa served all type of meat and seafood here, you can pick your favorite and have them cook to your request.
So, how do I describe Rasa? It’s a perfect sanctuary for seafood lover, providing you with a different thrill than just the ordinary buffet. Next time I would go for a Sunday Brunch.

Where is this?
Rasa Restaurant
InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza 2nd floor,
JL Jenderal Sudirman, Kavling 10-11, Jakarta
T:021 251 0888 ext: 6605

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