Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Something Special At Picante

Burrito holds a special meaning for Lunch Getaway team, especially for Ruth who found her fondness of Mexican food (well, Tex-Mex too) during her adventure. Finding good Mexican food in Jakarta is always tricky. So when, Fiona visited Picante Mexican Grill and brought back the tale (and mouth-watering pictures), it’s definitely worth the share. 

Afriendly, red and yellow wooden interior welcome the guests who 
walk down the semi non-formal cafe. A mural on each side with big windows facing the garden. This place starts to feel like Mexico. This trip should be fun. The food-venture starts when I face the word "in" at the start of a counter. 

For those who aren’t familiar with burrito, imagine a fat wrap filled with rice, beans, lettuce, salsa, meat, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream alongside meat-of-choice and sometimes sautéed onion. It’s often personalized, so you can take out what you dislike and replace them with what you love. At Picante, you begin with choosing base of crispy taco, soft taco or burrito. Then you fill it with rice. They have basmati lime rice and brown lime rice which tempt your curiosity. Select the toppings from fish, grilled steak or chicken. End your journey with the sides of Chili Con Carne (36k), fajitas, black beans or red beans. Chili Con Carne is ground beef, sour cream topped with cheese, served with tortilla chips.

Create your own meal
Burrito creation process at Picante
What else is on the menu? Burrito Bowl with Chicken or Fish (65K) Steak or Barbacoa (75K). Hell Chimichanga is spicy deep fried burrito filled with refried beans, topped with guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream and cheese. Available in Chicken or Fish (65K) Steak or Barbacoa (75K).

Burrito Bowl - loose the wrap and eat them in  bowl

Chimichanga - the deep fried burrito
A little more on the healthy side is salad, Salsa Salad that is. In Spanish, Picante is hot and spicy. So why don’t go all out with the salsa roja and hot salsa. Roasted Corn Salsa is another thing worth the try. Fiona, who isn’t a spicy fan, picked guacamole (a lot of them) and lime tartar sauce. The restaurant also serves a new menu called Mexican Fried Rice available in Plain (48K) with Chicken or Fish (55K) with Steak or Barbacoa (60K). It's basically balsamic rice fried with enchiladas sauce, mixed with corn and blackbeans. Drinks options are fresh coconut water, (seriously good) coffee, beer and other refreshing beverages.

Picante Mexican Fried Rice with a surprise
Picante Tacos
A cute cat is peeking our of our coffee cup
As if those aren't enough, this Mexican grill has tortilla chips with cheese jalapeno and cheese sauce and also churros to make sure you leave the door with full stomach. Don’t go home empty handed too. Bring home tortilla chips with Guacamole, Cheddar cheese with Jalapeno and fresh tomato salsa dipping choices (25k). You can ask for unsalted one to reduce sodium intake. 

Is burrito healthy? This has been a debate between experts in the countries where burrito holds the place next too burgers when it comes to lunch popularity. Considering it’s packed with veggies and beans, this cylindrical shaped tortilla wrap seems to be packed with more nutrition (especially protein and fiber if you have beans instead of rice) than its fast food counterparts. But burrito can be heavy and packed more calories. So why don’t you come early for a big and fast breakfast menu (30k, drinks included) and stay full for the rest of the day.

Where is This?
Picante Mexican Grill

Graha Niaga (CIMB NIaga Building
Jend.Sudirman Blok Lot 11 No.Kav 58 (SCBD) Kebayoran Baru

Telp: 021 2505559
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 6.30AM - 8PM, Friday6.30AM - 9PM, Saturday & Sunday 10AM - 4PM

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