Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finding Burger and Pizza in One Box

Yes, the two equally delicious dishes had always give the same problems, be it on family gathering, girls movie night or even a lazy dinner date at home after a long hours at the office. Oh, talking about office, we have this debate every lunchtime now that’s its raining and we don’t want to go out: What to Order?

The Real Cheeseburger Pizza
Good news come to us from PHD when they announced they have The Real Cheeseburger Pizza on their menu to relieve our Hunger SOS. Now, If you think you’ll never see both names on one sentence, think again. The Real Cheeseburger pizza is combination of pizza and burger. It’s like a gathering of the best possible ingredients out there. It comes in 3 types, Personal, Regular (84k) and Jumbo (126k). 

Well, the popular pizza is usually the one with plenty of meat and cheese. How many times are we tempted to add that extra cheese on our order? This time, the meat and cheese we love arrive on a new shape: burger. But it still looks like pizza? Combining the concept of cheeseburger and pizza in one product, this dish uses real juicy meat with melted cheddar on top (take note that it’s cheddar not the regular mozzarella). Inside, you’d bite into beef, cheese and beef flakes, with extra mayonnaise on top.

Doing some decoration
Meat Puff
It’s slightly different with Personal pan as the burger is inside the pizza. While it’s call personal, we will need more than 4 slices each. This is where Meat Puff (30k/4 pcs) comes to the rescue. Puff Pastry loaded with real meat and cheddar cheese, also perfected with ketchup, mayo and mustard. It’s a bite, delicious one, without unnecessary mess. The pastry tasted like the one you’d find at Zuppa Soup, crispy and layered. We love this because the sauce and meat ratio is perfect, neither are overwhelming.

PHD offers packages for those wanting more than The Real Cheeseburger Pizza. Mantap Personal (from 40k) with one personal pizza and two puffs, Mantap Special (from 114k) with one pizza, two puffs and two drinks, or Double Cheeseburger with two pizzas (from 142k). Real cheese, real meat, and it’s two pizzas instead of two stack of meat and cheese. Much better. 

 Mantap Personal
Mantap Special
Sounds like we will be hanging out together more often now that we know what to order. Oh wait, did we just create another dilemma? We hope it didn’t take longer for you to decide than for PHD to make and deliver your pizza. Well, PHD 1500 600 is your personal hunger SOS line with great taste arrived in 30 minutes guaranteed (or 1 free pizza voucher).

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