Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finding Burger and Pizza in One Box

Yes, the two equally delicious dishes had always give the same problems, be it on family gathering, girls movie night or even a lazy dinner date at home after a long hours at the office. Oh, talking about office, we have this debate every lunchtime now that’s its raining and we don’t want to go out: What to Order?

The Real Cheeseburger Pizza
Good news come to us from PHD when they announced they have The Real Cheeseburger Pizza on their menu to relieve our Hunger SOS. Now, If you think you’ll never see both names on one sentence, think again. The Real Cheeseburger pizza is combination of pizza and burger. It’s like a gathering of the best possible ingredients out there. It comes in 3 types, Personal, Regular (84k) and Jumbo (126k). 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Trip to Industrial Southbox Prapanca

Let’s admit it, an open-aired food court with industrial look may be tempting. Located on Prapanca, the outstanding place called Southbox can be a little tricky for the first-time visitors. Yes, it stood out from the elegant-looking buildings nearby, giving the vibrant feel without entering the roads of Kemang. Lunch or dinner, Southbox can offer you with exciting options.

Hello, this is Ruth and her Friday night random escapade.

I visited the place on a Friday night and it was full. If you arrived by car, parking is done by valet (Rp15k). Seating isn’t that many, and larger group may have trouble finding a place to sit down. But overall, it’s a fun place to mingle – and on Friday night they have HBO screening on the main food area. Not that you’d go and watch, but it’s something nice to have. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Choosing Indonesian Food at Dapuraya - Pasaraya Blok M

If you’re a food blogger, picking just one favorite dish is always hard because I personally love different taste. So, imagine having an adventure at Dapuraya, the hidden gem of Pasaraya Blok M. Not only food, Dapuraya also spares spaces for Pasar Klewer which represents the country’s traditional market. This and that, everything is great!

Hello, this is Fiona, trying hard to pick her favorite from over 50 booths of Indonesian delicacies. After going around the food court during the "Tribute to Batik Indonesia" event, here are what I ended up with:

Gudeg Jogja Yu'Jimah
Gudeg Jogja Yu'Jimah