Sunday, September 6, 2015

Smiling Faces at Sumire Yakitori House Singapore

The simple yet real friendly Yakitori restaurant called Sumire Yakitori House in Bugis has received a lot of praises from the local media. So on a chance to visit Singapore, we decided to give this local favorite a try. 

This is Ruth's adventure in Singapore.

My brother said it was good and he brought us to try Sumire Yakitori House. It's a great alternative to the usual food courts and kopitiams we usually frequented on our trip to Singapore. The restaurant is easy to find because it's on the same block with Bugis Junction. While it's listed as one of the mall's tenant, the entrance is outside and facing the street. As soon as we enter, we were pointed out a booth near the back. A convenient for us, who comes in a family of six. 

Despite all the menu placed on the table, advertising their lunch set and combos, there is an iPad for you to order. The process is quite simple, all you have to do is select the items you want to try and start placing them in the "cart". Similar to what you do when you're doing online shopping. You can also review the food, with enlarged pictures and description as you decide. Just don' forget to confirm your order, otherwise they won't arrive on your table.
Complimentary cabbage salad comes first. Then the enormous Bakudan Korokke (SGD8.90), a homemade potato croquette. It tastes like potato salad, hidden inside a large breaded and fried ball. Taste really yummy. You can actually order this and Yakitori if you want to skip the rice. 
Bakudan Korokke
But I wouldn't recommend doing that because their Stamina Don is beyond delicious. The menu calls it "stir fry pork belly rice with homemade ginger sauce and raw egg yolk" (SGD9.90). I call it tasty thin-sliced pork over a warm rice. It needs to be mixed properly before you eat. But if pork isn't on your list, then Tori Soboro Don (chicken minced rice with poached egg, SGD9.90) should be on top of your list. 

Tori Soboro Don
Stamina Don
But the best thing about this place is the yakitori, better known as satay to those living in Southeast Asia. You can get technically everything on skewers here, from broccoli, asparagus and enoki to sushi, shishito and avocado. But we stayed away from the unique skewers and stayed on the meat side of the grill.

Left to Right: Pork belly with Oroshi Ponzu Sauce,
Bonjiri with salt and Momo with Teriyaki Sauce
Pork belly with Oroshi Ponzu Sauce (SGD3.20). Grated raddish with salty and sour sauce is placed on top of the pork. The ponzu sauce can be acquired taste for some. So if you're unsure, I'd suggest you'd go with the regular shio. Momo (chicken thigh meat) in teriyaki sauce and Bonjiri (chicken tail) in shio or salt are SGD2.90 each. They both taste great. Somewhat reminds you of a fancier version of the satay stall on the street. 

Just like the name, Sumire, the Japanese pronunciation of "smile", the food does bring smile to our face. So, we went home satisfied and it stays on until later that night. 

Where is this?
Sumire Yakitori House 
80 Middle Road #01-88/89 Singapore 188966
Tel: +65 6338 9963

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