Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Noizu Toku Toku Unique Ice Cream Mix

You usually meet your ice cream already pre-made, lining up in different flavors ready to be mixed with toppings and served. But Noizu Toku Toku is making them fresh to order in front of you. Wanna try?

Our delightful lunch journey brought us to West Jakarta, at an ice cream corner called Noizu Toku Toku at Mal Puri Indah. Located right outside the West lobby, facing the extension, this handmade dessert is offering a wide range of flavors and toppings. Practically endless creation. So, where do you start? Monica from Noizu Toku Toku suggests one of the popular creations: Karameru Koranchi (Rp42k). Caramel ice cream mixed with dark chocolate and crunchy granola toppings. We agreed right away. And this is where it gets interesting.

Instead of scooping the ice cream from a tin, the ice cream maker poured a thick milk-shake like liquid on the ice pan (up to -10 or -20 Celcius). He then started stirring and chopping the slowly crystalized ice cream until it turns creamy. Setting that aside, he started again with the melted chocolate mixture. 


Final result: Karameru Koranchi 
"You get more texture with this kind of process instead of the usual pre-made ice cream," Monica explained. An Asian concept (wiki said this ice grill technique is commonly found in Thailand), Noizu Toku Toku adapt it into local invention with house made recipes.

We're about to pick the second bowl to share and were torn between Kraffelicious and Cafe Brownie. But Monica mentioned that younger customers love to innovate their own ice cream. So, we ended up taking the challenge. Plain is more to vanilla. Avocado is unique. What we have in mind is a sweet and bright concept called "Candyland," so we ordered another caramel ice cream (Rp33k) and added marshmallow jellies (Rp4k), marshmallow teddy bear (Rp4k), fruit loops (Rp4k), M&M Choco (Rp5k) and Popping Candy (Rp5k). Surprise!

Welcome to Candyland
But once these ice cream are on your hands, eat them quick because the change of temperature will melt them quicker than the regular ice cream.

As you have probably guessed, the name "Noizu Toku Toku" comes from the noise heard when the spatula chopped the ice cream and bumping into the ice pan, as well as the bumping noise when the ice cream is thrown down to the ice pan. It takes a couple minutes to have them ready, but we enjoy every second as we watch the mixture solidify into the dessert we know. 

If you're creating your own, use this "cooking" time to pick your toppings which is varied from cheese cheddar, almond flakes and Loackers to fruits and jelly. If you're a cereal fan, Koko Krunch and Fruit Loops are there to accompany your "breakfast". Extra sauces (chocolate, strawberry, caramel and salted caramel - each Rp3k) are recommended for those wanting extra kick. Waffle cups and cones (Rp5k) are nice to have because after all, the ice cream we're familiar with is served on edible cones.

It's like being involved in a science project with a sweet edible ending.

Where is this?
Noizu Toku Toku
Puri Indah Mall, Lantai Ground, 

Jl. Puri Indah Raya, Puri Indah, Jakarta


  1. enak ya mbak, aku belumnyobain, dsini gak tau ada atau gak

    1. Seru aja liat bikinnya. Es krim yang karamel sih enak banget.

    2. Hmm...yummy!
      Was it hot the first time you tasted it?

      *so curious* :-)

    3. it's actually an ice pan, so it was as cold as regular ice cream :)