Friday, September 18, 2015

Gold Flakes and Magic Dishes at Huize Van Wely

Our returning visit to Huize Van Wely is for Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge.  On our previous visit, we were there for a brunch and it was satisfying, This time around they are still as consistent, giving the best by taking this challenge seriously down to the sparkling gold flakes. 

Huiz van Wely is dominated by white color, showing its luxury throughout the atmosphere. As we arrived, we're escorted to table by the bar.
There we met Mr. Cien Mahardi, the restaurant's Project Manager and Mr. Ade, the senior bartender. Huize van Wely is homey, Mr. Cien said, and they're determined to translate the comfort through everything served on the challenge. Let's take a taste of what's on their menu.

Jasmine Tea Apple
Refreshing.That's the first word that popped to our mind after gulping down the drink. The balance of apple and tea is perfect. Starting simple, the drink leave a lasting impression throughout the course.

Mini Hamburg Steak dan Dilmah Brilliant Breakfast
Mini Hamburg Steak dan Dilmah Brilliant Breakfast
As the first dish arrived, we can't wait to grab the burger right away. Too bad we have to take picture first. The juicy patty is paired with quail egg on top. Take the first bite and sip the tea, it's a combination of light and richness. Then we move on to the pretty red fruit (or is it vegetable?) next door. A tomato filled with something familiar. we're curious about what's inside the tomato and finally found out it was chesnut. Huize van Welly put a lot of details on this dish. The last bite is everything on the plate, a little bit of this and that, and washed down with Dilmah Brilliant Breakfast.

The swirling lemon zest teasing the tea enthusiasts
Chocolate Eclair pairing with Ceylon's Finest - Dilmah Peppermint Cinnamon, Martel VSOP and Home-made Coke Syrup
If you ever heard that Cocktail should be shaken otherwise it isn't cocktail, think again. Mr. Cien explained that tea shouldn't be shaken but stirred instead. That's how this cocktail is created. Dilmah Peppermint Cinnamon is brewed cold (we thought cold brew is only for coffee) and is mixed with alcohol. Served on tall pretty glass with teasing lemon zest. To pair this is chocolate eclair with edible gold flakes and "polkadot chocolate". Same rules applied: take the first bite and sip the drink. But we sip the drink first just because we were too curious and, uh oh, we love the drink despite being unshaken. The tea cocktail actually provoked us to crave for the stylish eclairs. Huize van Welly is famous for eclairs, so the taste is unquestionable. Dark chocolate fillings with crispy skin is perfect for Ceylon's Finest. Can we have another set? 

Chocolate Eclair pairing with Ceylon's Finest -
Dilmah Peppermint Cinnamon, Martel VSOP and Home-made Coke Syrup
Tea is art, you just have to know the tricks

Lapsang Apricot Mousse

The most anticipated dish on the menu simply because this one tested the creativity of the chef (or bakers?). We can't imagine what the mousse would look like and were honestly expecting straightforward sweets. But the one that's arrived is far from simple. A beautiful dessert plated on a cute tea time platter. The Oval-shaped Mousse cake with crunchy homemade biscuit underneath, is decorated with edible gold flakes. First spoonful screams extraordinary inside the mouth. You can taste the tea. It's a unique taste, I haven't tried anywhere else. The creamy texture blends well with crunchy biscuit and it's a little bit smokey like the smoked apricot. Simply magical.

Lapsang Apricot Mousse

Tea isn't boring. You just have do it right. Like how Huize van Wely takes on the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge. 

Where is this?
Huize Van Wely
The Papilion, 
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 45AA, 
Kemang, Jakarta
(021) 7191975

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