Wednesday, September 16, 2015

de Mingle, A Homey Indo-Dutch Bistro

While this cozy spot isn't located in the busiest hub in Jakarta, but de Mingle has just enough crowd to present a vibrant yet homey ambiance. Staying true to its name, we feel that people do come there to mingle and delicious dishes.

Honestly, if it's not because of Dilmah High Tea Challenge Restaurant & Cafe, we probably would never step into this place and regretting it for the rest of our blogging lives.This is Ruth's story (as Fiona called in sick for the day) with MJ, another food blogger in our office who helped with the pictures. 

Front Door. Photo by MJ
Window sating is our favorite spot. Photo by MJ
de Mingle Indo-Dutch Bistro is Located on the corner of Graha Handaya office area, a short drive from Siloam Hospital Kebon Jeruk. Stepping inside, we're liking the mood right away. The friendly waitress seated us on the perfect table on the corner. The food will arrive shortly, she said. Then the bistro owner, Shirley, came to chat and sit with us.

First floor seating
Cashier area
She runs de Mingle with a few friends. "It just happens that the grandmas are still Holland sprechen so we decided to create a Dutch restaurant," she said. Indeed the food listed on the menu bears the name like Moeder Subiyarti Rijsttafel or Moeder Mirani Rijsttafel. The other main courses are also typically Dutch, something considered nostalgic for the older crowd but with flavor that would fit today's generation tongue. Shirley recommends Biefstuk or Dutch Sirloin Steak (Rp132k) or Galantine (Rp79k), a grandma's recipe of beef mixed with egg and herbs.

A surprise from the house, Huzaren Sla arrived on our table. Lettuce, carrot, bean, pineapple, apple, beef, cucumber with homemade Dutch sauce (Rp53k). Egg yolk gives a bright yellow color to the dressing. Fresh from the first bite, you can easilly say that if there's love at first bite, then we'd go try all the food in de Mingle if they're as good as the salad. The next one to arrive is Kalfstong Biefstuk (Dutch Ox Tongue Steak, Rp69k), grilled after marinated with herbs and wine. Another must-try is Franz (Rp69k), roasted boneless chicken breast with thyme flavor, accompanied by sauteed mushroom and olive oil sauce. On the side is boiled potato. Both dishes have a homey, grandma's recipe taste to it. 

Huzaren Sla and Kalfstong Biefstuk
Franz is roasted boneless chicken breast with thyme flavor
But we're there for Dilmah High Tea Challenge Restaurant & Cafe and the dishes are here on the table. On the High Tea Menu are:

Exotic Tea Spa: Lemongrass Cinnamon Hot Tea paired with Apple Crumble
Heritage Tea Spa: Summer in Green Ice Tea paired with Fish Finger
Classic Tea Spa: Peppermint Tung Tung with Black Tea Kelepon
Exotic Tea Spa: Lemongrass Cinnamon Hot Tea paired with Apple Crumble
Heritage Tea Spa: Summer in Green Ice Tea paired with Fish Finger
Classic Tea Spa: Peppermint Tung Tung with Black Tea Kelepon
Wait... Kelepon? Yeah, you heard that right. Black Tea Kelepon served with Peppermint Tung Tung is one unique combination. While they sit on the opposite end of the plate, it's nice to combine them together and have the tung tung (that's rough-textured ice cream made of coconut milk instead of milk) melts inside your mouth as you chew on the kelepon. Apple Crumble is beyond description. Scrumptious? Heavenly? And the hint of Lemongrass Cinnamon Tea gives balance to the pair. Summer in Green Ice Tea is peppermint, Chinese cabbage and pineapple. A refreshing tea twist of the Evergreen from the fresh juice selection.

The two-story bistro reserves its second floor for events and smoking area. Larger crowd can also sit upstairs with comfortable sofa and lively ambiance. "We have a lot of gatherings here, some are the medical doctors from hospital next door," Shirley said. As far as event goes, anything from talk show to Sweet Seventeen or even marriage proposal is possible.
Second floor seating. Photo by MJ
When you stay and mingle, times goes by slow. It's hard to leave our seat but as lunch time ticking its last minutes, we said our goodbye to this comfortable restaurant. We will return.

Where is this?
Jl. Raya Pejuangan Kav.12A Unit C, 

Graha Handaya, Jakarta Barat 12270
(021) 53660431

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