Thursday, August 20, 2015

Introducing Lifull, a Snack Dictionary

Shopping for food when your stomach is full isn't a solution. We ended up buying nothing and suffering from afternoon craving later on. Even worse, there's one snack that caught your attention but you can't remember the name. You just home you'll see it again the next time you shop. Been there?

Always have something on the desk
Well, meet Lifull and it helps with our regrets of not buying that chocolate cookie from the shelf. What's Lifull? It's essentially an online directory of everyone's favorite snack. From the over the counter crackers to the fancy treats.You can search by brand or by name. Or browse around to see what they have by looking at the category if you have nothing specific in mind. It gives out description of the snack down to the calorie counts and price prediction. No need to Google around anymore.

Even better you can get those snacks for free. All you have to do is check out their gift section and see which snack is available for "present campaign" and click apply products. Or if you like certain snacks, you can sign up and start to write your own review.

Drinks are good too
Stocking up for the greater good. There is always someone who has a drawer full of munchies in every office. They are often seen as a savior whenever afternoon snack craving attacks. And here's how we decide what to stock up?

  • We love smaller pieces but still large enough to share. Like the Oishi Sponge which tends to be everyone's favorite. 
  • Keep both sweet and salty. We personally don't rule out candy even though many experts would advise you to avoid stocking up on candy. Lifull has UHA Candy with 20 kcal.
  • Drinks are great too. An alternative to the standard coffee and tea on your office pantry. 
  • Popcorn flavored rice cakes are great too.
  • Check out the healthy snack section at Lifull for interesting ideas of what to look for the next time you're at the supermarket. They have interesting snacks like Okra and Broccoli Chips (which makes Ruth goes "what? there are vegetables snacks?") to the simple oat cookies.
A drawer full of snack
Our drawer at the office. Wanna share?
Here's what in our drawer. We took pictures knowing it would be gone the next time afternoon craving wave hit the office.

  • Oishi Sponge Crunch Choco
  • Oishi Sponge Crunch Strawberry
  • Oishi Sponge Crunch Mochachino
  • Chocomania Rich Choco
  • UHA Strawberry Milk Candy 37GR
  • UHA Coffee Milk Candy 37GR
  • UHA Rich Milk Candy
  • INACO Aloe Vera
  • INACO Nata Drink
  • MONY Cincau
  • SIPAHH Strawberry Straw
  • POKKA Strawberry Milk
  • KIYORA Extra Green Tea
  • KIYORA Original
Care to share what's in your drawer?

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