Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Indonesia

We all have our moment, when a cup of tea means more than a warm drink in a rainy afternoon. Dilmah Indonesia took Real High Tea moments to the next level by bringing the concept to restaurants and cafes in Jakarta and Bandung. 

We're invited to attend the high-tea pairing (and dinner) at Dilmah Office in Panglima Polim last week.

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge began in 2007 to restore the connection between tea and gastronomy. Quoting Dilhan C. Fernando, "Tea isn't just for your health or friendship, but it can also offer luxury, spoiling you with the beautiful combination with gastronomical art. This is also what Real High Tea Challenge Cafes and Restaurants trying to highlight."

Dilmah originated in Sri Lanka, a country with unique geography that enables them to grow the best tea in the world. The Watte series, consisting of four different black teas from four different regions in Ceylon. The teas are: Ran Watte (6000ft), Uda Watte (4000-5000ft), Meda Watte (2000-3000ft) and Yata Watte (1000ft). The higher the region, the lighter the color of the tea.

Returning the art of High Tea
In Indonesia, Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Cafes and Restaurants is aimed to appreciate tea, moving the hype of nightlife to afternoon tea. Afternoon is slow business for most food business, but this challenge invited cafes and restaurants in Jakarta and Bandung to create special menu to be served as tea pairings. A great idea for the hospitality industry.

The challenge starts August 31 in Jakarta and September 7 in Bandung. Judges will visit the restaurants and cafe to judge the Hot Tea Pairing Dish, Mocktail or Cocktail Pairing Dish and Tea Inspired Cuisine.

The welcome drink is a tea mocktail
So, we were the first to try several pairings created by the Dilmah team. The savory mini burger paired with Brilliant Breakfast Tea. Cheesecake to go with Green Tea with Jasmine Flower. The last one is Chocolate Cake/Tiramisu with Moroccan Mint Green Tea. 

Mini burger paired with Brilliant Breakfast Tea

Cheesecake to go with Green Tea with Jasmine Flower

Chocolate Cake/Tiramisu with Moroccan Mint Green Tea
How do you make a perfect cup of tea? Boiled water to 100C and pour them right on your tea. Steep for 3-5 minutes and stir once. Add 1-2 minutes if you like them stronger. Make sure you keep the rest of your tea bags/leaves in an airtight container. Different kind of tea has different way of brewing as well as different water temperature.. The awesome thing about Dilmah is that you know how long you should steep your tea. It’s written in the handle. The Blueberry Vanila, for example, should be steeped between 3-5 minutes.

Drinking tea is often seen as something formal and serious (yes, even in Alice in the Wonderland it looks formal), but Eliawati Erly, Vice President David Roy Indonesia, encourages us that drinking tea should be fun! Make some ice tea, pair with your favorite food and get endless possibili-tea. 

So, come visit your favorite restaurant and vote for them by sharing your afternoon meal at social media. Go visit dilmah.co.id/realhighteacafe for details. We can't wait to tour around and try the pairings. We'll see you there soon.

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