Saturday, August 15, 2015

Meat Brunch Story at C's Grand Hyatt

Sometimes it's desperately hard to find tasty meat on brunch buffet. You'd find many other dishes from different ends of the world, but meat can be as rare as we love them to be. Fortunately, there's C's, where meat eaters (like Fiona) and seafood fan (like Ruth) can enjoy the best of both worlds.

One weekend, Fiona attended a brunch at C's. Here's her tale.

Get ready for a fine-dine all you can eat at C's

I'm familiar with C's already, their quality, their service and their ambiance as I've been here a couple times for dinners and special occasions. (Check out our previous C's review here). Now they're doing this brunch buffet thing and I'm wondering whether it would be the same (especially quality-wise) with their regular serving. C's is still the same dim-but-homey-restaurant I remember. It's quite dark for around lunchtime. I was welcomed by the restaurant's friendly waitress to meet Pak Muara Sipahutar, the hotel's Digital Marketing Manager. He showed me the line up for meat and seafood, waiting for customers to come. The meat and seafood are cut-to-order. I couldn't wait.

So here's what's on my itinerary:
  • Tropical Lobsters, King Crab Legs and Oysters. Pick them up right away because I have no doubt that this is fresh. I don't have to worry about allergy (and yes, I was right).
  • Meat. This is what I was here for so I ate them all. Wood Oven Roasted Canadian beef sirloin, Beef Tenderloin Carved To Order. All meat are served medium, but can be cooked to your preference. Selection of sauces are C's Housemade Steak Sauce, Mushroom, Red Wine, Bernaise, Hollandaise and Remoulade. They have chicken too.

Foie Gras. Freshly cooked in front of you upon order. Served with delicious bread. The first bite, with melted foie gras, makes you want to get second, third and go on. But the list (and the day) is still long. So I'm moving on.... or not, because I'm going back to meat, Rack Of Lamb this time. Honestly speaking, the meat doesn't need any sauce to taste good. But if you don't like your dish to be dry, feel free to add a little sauce on.


Finishing off with dessert, C's has an array of interesting selection. My favorite is Spicy Chocolate Cake, presenting you with sweet flavor in the beginning and spicy aftertaste. A combination that prevents me from stopping. Ice cream and Sorbet are great. Despite not being an ice cream person, the homemade sweets they have here convinced me to try. I event went on second round for the sorbet.

Homemade Ice cream at C's vs the refreshing sorbet
I was focusing on meat the whole time, I missed their Asian selection. So I'm determined to return for their Peking Duck and Dim Sum. Peking Duck Pancakes, Chili, Leek, Cucumber side by side with C's Assorted Housemade Dim Sum provides an alternative to those wanting to have something lighter than the meat. C's also has a Wok Fried side for its seafood (from Garoupa to Crab, Prawn and Lobster) and is complimented with Szechuan, Dry Chili, Chili-Crab or Black Pepper sauce. Definitely too many to mention.

Children under 12 are free when dining with adult, so I'm sure they'd be excited with the unlimited ice cream served at C's. Well, I did.

Where is this?
M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 29921383

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