Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Favorite Bazaar Beverages

Looking for something unique and refreshing? Here are some our favorites from the local bazaar.

TLC Choco Bar
Instagram: @TLCChocoBar

Choco drink with Rambut Nenek
A refreshing chocolate drink, a hint of mint and topped off with your childhood Granny’s Hair Cotton Candy. Before choosing that, we’re stunned by the choices offered by this booth: Choco Caramel Popcorn, Nutella, Bailey’s… and that’s not it. If you’ve visited their booth frequent enough (or stalking their Instagram), you’d see things like ├ęclairs and Snickers, sitting comfortably on top of this iced choco beverage. A great twist. Then we’re like, it must be sweet. Our first sip proved it wrong because the ice choco mint was just right. Friends on our table were surprised to find that the drink even has the crunchy think bread to complement the experience.

For those who aren’t familiar with Granny’s Hair Cotton Candy (some called it Grandma’s Hair, in Indonesia it’s called “RambutNenek” or Arbanat), well, this sweet snack is slightly different from the pure cotton candy you’d find on carnivals. This one is made of sugar and flour and is caramelized into soft hair-like shape. This traditional Indonesian snack is often found on street stalls or during festivals.

MORE Margarita
Instagram: @More_Margarita

Which Margarita is your favorite?
You’d be surprised to find this alcoholic beverage booth right on your favorite bazaar. While Margarita is something that’ s often accompany fun beach parties, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite drink on the rocks in a mall, at a bazaar while strolling around for some shopping. Margarita is a classic recipe that every bartender should know about. However, finding a decent one isn’t as easy because it’s always personal. So, if you’re a young and modern urban residence, drinking Margarita can be a part of your lifestyle. MORE Margarita only participates in bazaar with suitable crowds and themes, knowing that it serves alcohol.

MORE, on the name, stands for Margarita On the Rocks. The booth serves hand-shaken, fruity and premium margaritas like Black Widow or Summer Fling. Definitely value for money. While you wouldn’t be caught holding the classic Margarita glass, the MORE glass is as fancy. It’s a crazy idea turned brilliant concept in the end. And you just kept asking for MORE.

Instagram: @yourganic

Healthy drink for two
When life is about healthy stuffs, what’s in the bottles can provide you with more taste.100% Raw Almond Milk, as the label says. When we first get a hold of these, there was two flavors: Matcha and Sweet Date. Not a big fan of Matcha, Ruth prefers the Sweet Date anytime. Drinking this is honestly providing a different experience to your taste buds, especially when you’ve never tasted the healthy and organic side of beverages. But it’s an acquired taste, plus knowing it’s good for your body, loving it won’t take that long.

When you get them at bazaars, drink them right away when they’re stil cold. Otherwise, refrigerate immediately to prevent them from spoiling. Just like many other organic drinks out there, they don’t use preservatives, so if you’re stocking them up, make sure you note the expiration date carefully. Don’t waste a bottle of good stuffs.


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    1. Makanya lagi seneng muter-muter bazaar nih :)

  2. Hm yourganic is a raw almond milk? I think it's a yoghurt *LOL

    1. Doesn't really taste like the other almond drinks, to be honest. But I think it's too watery to be a yogurt. Hahaha.