Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rendang and Burger Bun at Pepin and Malloy

We’ve been hearing about the legendary Betawi Burger, the promotional menu they created for the Holy Ramadhan month. It’s almost the end and we’re hearing a good news about the burger being so popular it’s considered for the main menu. So, we’re heading to Pepin & Malloy Cilandak Town Square one bright Sunday to make sure that the fairy tale has a happy ending.

The bright and fun front door
What’s inside the Betawi Burger (65k)?
Fiona: Rendang meat, crispy Tempe, omelette and green chilli.
Ruth: Isn’t that too spicy for you?
Fiona: No, I think this is perfect. It’s like you’re eating Nasi Padang in a bun.

Betawi Burger vs Olympus Delight
The Betawi Burger is replacing another international flavored bun on the menu: Olympus Delight (60k). which has Feta Cheese spread on top of homemade ground beef.

Fiona: How’s the Olympus Delight?
Ruth: To be honest, I like it too. It’s refreshing with onions and fresh lettuce.
Fiona: I wish they put more Feta
Ruth: Yeah, the Feta was a little hard to find.

The burgers at Pepin & Malloy come in large size. When we say large it’s really huge. Both the ground beef and rendang patties are thick. The rest of the pile are generous too. We were actually full even without having the fries and milkshake on the side. 

Moving on to the hotdogs: Chili Cheese Dog(55k), Nachos Libre (50k) and Philly Cheese Dog (65k). If you put them together side by side, Nachos Libre with its Mexican style green guacamole, nachos and salsa toppings stood out the most. Fiona loves this because, well, it’s boring to have mayo all the time. So why don’t we go out of the box especially when they’re just right? Often confused which one to have at the cinema, she’s glad to have them together as one meal. Eating Nachos Libre can be a little messy because of the overloaded guacamole and nachos on top. 

Hotdog trio: Philly Cheese, Nachos Libre and Chili Cheese
The not-so-similar twin sisters are equally appetizing. While it’s hard to choose between the two, Ruth prefers Chili Cheese Dog just because she loves chili. Apparently putting them on top of a hot dog together with cheese sauce and chopped onion is a great idea. But if you’re a classic kind of girl (but doesn’t want to stick with classic dog), Philly Cheese Dog worth the try. It’s a tasty twist of everyone’s favorite Philly Cheese Steak after all.

A closer look at the Chili Cheese Dog and the beautiful tiles
Dining in at Pepin & Malloy is like visiting a festive circus tent with all the graffiti on the wall. The tiles are also contributing to the fun ambiance. Good food should be savored under cheerful atmosphere.

We asked Gladys, the Pepin & Malloy marketing girl about her favorite dish at the restaurant. Surprise surprise, she opted for Buffalo Wings (36k for 6 pieces or 49k for 9 pieces). Curious, we ordered one. We immediately agreed with her after the first bite. The wings are the kind you can’t stop eating, even when the bucket is empty.

BBQ Malloy (55k) - Homemade ground beef patty with BBQ sauce
But we have our hot dogs... and the colossal Betawi Burger to return to. Being indecisive is apparently fun at Pepin & Malloy where you can get the best of both worlds.

Where is this?
Cilandak Town Square

Jl. T.B. Simatupang Kav. 17, Jakarta Selatan 12430
(021) 75920222
Twitter: @pepinandmalloy


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