Sunday, July 19, 2015

IPPUDO’s Summer Chef Special

Introducing the new set of Ramen Buddies from IPPUDO: Salmon & Chips, Spider Roll and Chashu Minced Katsu. The dishes that are inspired by the sunny summer time. All arrived in time to cheer up your summer.

Hi, this is Ruth. Lunchgetaway is glad to be the first to taste the new menu from IPPUDO, a ramen restaurant which opened its door to Indonesian customers at Pacific Place last year. After introducing their Chicken Ramen a while ago, the famous chain returns with fascinating non-ramen (side)dishes.

“Although it’s called Ramen Buddies, many order them as a sharing plate,” explained Amanda Sihombing, Marketing Manager IPPUDO Indonesia. Well, looking at its amount, it’s indeed a sharing portion. The problem is, with a taste like that, I wouldn’t want to share.

Deep fried battered Salmon
sweet and sour potato wedges and tartar sauce
Salmon & Chips is the Japanese twist of the well-known classic fish and chips. Deep fried battered Salmon is served alongside sweet and sour potato wedges and tartar sauce. While the salmon is generous, the sweet and sour sauce splashed over the fried potato is a pleasant surprise. Spider Roll, the soft-sheel crab maki sushi rolled into rice and nori with cucumber, lettuce and spicy mayonnaise, is served on a bed of spiderweb made of sauce. Too pretty to eat.

Spider Roll
But the champion has to be the Chashu Minced Katsu. Interesting Japanese Croquette (otherwise called Korokke) is a deep-fried meatballs of beef and pork meat, mixed with potato and different spices. Dipped into special brown sauce. The meatballs are a perfect balance between crunchy and tenderness because they melted in your mouth once you have that first bite. They do taste great even when consumed without the sauce.

Chashu Minced Katsu comes in four
A closer look at Chashu Minced Katsu
The Ramen Buddies are changing every 3 months and the most popular one will have the chance to compete on the final round, for a prestigious spot on the regular menu during the annual grand menu changing. Make sure your favorite wins by ordering it every time you’re at IPPUDO.

IPPUDO, a restaurant founded in 1985 by Ramen King Shigemi Kawahara, serves mainly pork ramen around the world. Shiromaru (ultra-thin noodles in tonkatsu broth) is for those who loves the original Hakata-style ramen flavor while Akamaru (thin noodle in tonkatsu broth, miso paste and garlic oil) wins the heart of spicy fans. Another popular dish is Karakamen which comes with curly noodle, spicy miso and ground pork. The minced pork should be caught in the noodle as it’s pulled our and eaten with chopsticks. Playing on the safe side, I ordered Shiromaru and found tasty soup hiding soft noodle and pork loin inside. In IPPUDO, you can choose how you want your noodle to be cooked: from hard to soft. 

Akamaru Shinaji

Shiromaru Motoaji
The question remains: when will IPPUDO expand its shop? “IPPUDO is using fresh ingredients. It means we’re using local ingredients which can match up the international quality standard set by the chain. We’re looking for the right place to open our next restaurant but it’s likely still going to be in around Jakarta area,” explained Amanda. Well, since IPPUDO doesn’t do take outs (it’s their policy, which dismissed our secret plan to stock up the Chasu minced Katsu for afternoon snack once it’s available for the market on July 20, 2015), we’re definitely looking forward to more restaurants.

Where is this?
Pacific Place 5th Fl. #5.37
Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav 52-53 (SCBD), Jakarta 12190
Tel: 021-57973339

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