Friday, July 10, 2015

Lamb and Lassi at Gyros Alley

The blue-and-white Santorini-like door picture of a restaurant called Gyros Alley, appeared on our inbox, triggering our curiosity. This could be the much-anticipated holiday invitation. Turned out it’s a breakfasting invitation with the fun, fearless travel bloggers of TravelNBlog, sharing experiences and being extreme when it comes to taking food pictures. 

Pretty and Picturesque Front Door
Located on the busy Panglima Polim IX, this restaurant’s front is one of a kind. With Asian restaurant packing its neighborhood, Gyros Alley definitely stood out with its blue door and the feeling of standing before the Aegean Sea. Well, it’s a travel blogger gathering, so we definitely have to go on a vacation beyond our own continent. Either that, or we just love the words: LAMB GYROS on the confirmation email. We're food bloggers to begin with.

Calamari Rings, Falafel and Spinakopita arrived first on our table as the appetizers. While you might grab Calamari Rings without hesitation, the other two dishes received some doubting stares. Falafel is deep-fried chickpea balls. At Gyros Alley, the Middle-Eastern food is mixed with green herbs and served with Tzadziki Sauce (42k). Spinakopita (42k), on the other hand, is triangle. This Greek savory deep-fried pastry has spinach and feta cheese as the main ingredients. Some versions of Spinakopita (or some said it’s Spanakopita) remind us of a fancier version of savory martabak.

Falafel and a peeking calamari rings
Spinakopita (Spanakopita) Triangle
Fiona found the Falafel a little too powerful on the herbs side. But the Spinakopita is truly addictive. Both are paired with Tzadziki Sauce and served on a bed of fresh salad. If you’re here with friends, be sure to order one plate for sharing.

Then it’s the main courses turn to awe the customers. Fiona ordered Lamb Gyros Souvlaki (62k) while Ruth picked Lamb Garlic Spaghetti (60k). Gyros Alley owner, Dina, explained the cooking process of the meat. Using young lamb meat (not the ground meat kind), so it's guaranteed to be soft and doesn’t smell that strong. Beware that the food, especially the gyros, comes in large portion. 

Gyros (a Kebab-like dish) is easy to bite, soft bread and meat. Overloaded with veggies, we wished to find more meat inside and guys would probably agree with this. The best thing about this dish is the kefir-based sauce, blending perfectly with the meat. If this is your first encounter with Greek food (or its Middle Eastern siblings), order Gyros here for your premiere culinary journey. The spaghetti has generous amount of lamb meat and mushroom that by the time you’re done with the pasta, you still can enjoy the lamb meat. Totally worth it for the price.
Mixed berry Lassi
Homemade kefir lassi (35k) comes in different flavors: mixed berry, strawberry, mango and plain vanilla. Not familiar with the drink? Well, Lassi is a yogurt-based drinks originated from India. Originally taste more on the savory side, the Lassi here is mixed with fresh fruits and other flavors to make it sweeter. Mango Lassi is now a popular drink around the world.

“But the Lassi here is made with kefir,” Dina said. Kefir is basically similar to yogurt, the same old milk-and-yeast beverage, but loaded with extra vitamins and probiotic bacteria. We would pick lassi over the regular tea because it’s perfect when paired with the strong lamb taste.

Downstairs seating
Yes, they have comfortable sofas too

Don’t get up and leave too fast. You’re on holiday anyway.

Where is this?
Jl Panglima Polim IX No.8, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12160
(021) 7269877


  1. Spagethi milknya enak, kalau yang lain suka sama udang gorengnya :D

    1. Next time mau cobain menu yang lain ah :)

  2. Ya ampun ini ternyata benar benar godaan tengah malam, bikin laper -__-

    1. Dijamin kenyang, Mas. Soalnya porsinya gede banget.