Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let's Have A Lunch Drive

The thing about great cafe these days, they usually don’t have too many parking spots. While we can spot the cafe in our waze, and the apps can even show the road, it never says “there will be no parking spot on your destination.” Fortunately this is not a problem anymore. If you wanna know our secret, please read ‘til the end of this posting. These are some of our favorites, where parking is considered a turn off (but doesn’t stop us from dining here).

Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 8, Jakarta Pusat
TEL:(021) 5708660

Plenty of Food in Seulawah
Located at the home-office rows across the Mintoharjo Navy Hospital in Benhil area, this eatery practically has no parking. While during the day you can use the space in front of it, at dinner time, the empty space is filled with street food tent and gerobak sellers. But the Acehnese food served here is claimed to be authentic by many. First in our order is Roti Canai Curry. Then come the rice and its sides: Mie Aceh Goreng with Beef and Ayam Tangkap. Wasn't exactly the perfect place for sit down and talking because Seulawah is technically a kiosk (warung if you wish), but good food still bring friends together.

Kedai Tjikini
Jl. Raya Cikini No. 17 Cikini Menteng Jakarta Pusat
TEL:(021) 39835094

Snacks and Tea
Friends recommended the Grilled Tapai (fermented rice), which is served with sweet caramel sauce. Grilled Banana (comes with cheese and chocolate toppings) is great too. If you want the sweet and savory in one plate, order the assorted gorengan (tahu, tempe and banana). The place served variety of main courses, from the traditional Indonesian dishes to the Italian lasagna. Teh Poci should definitely be ordered. This place has great coffee selection from all over Indonesia which is served in manual brew.

We’ve heard so much about this, passed Cikini many many times but never really know exactly where it is. Across from Menteng Huis, go park by the street as soon as you see a post office. It’s a one-way street so if you missed it, you have to go a long way to turn around. Don’t want to risk fighting for parking? Go park at Menteng Huis.

Passer Baroe

Who doesn’t know Passer Baroe, home to many delicious dishes. We had an adventure here, filling up our belly and bringing home many snacks. Pasar Baru (or Passer Baroe) is known for its shoes and textiles. But for some, it also means food as our parents often took us through labyrinths to find good eateries: Bakmi Aboen, Cakwe and Kue bantal by Ko Atek, and the drink kiosk on the corner.

Parking here is much better than it used to. They renovated the building and now 4th and 5th floor have spacious parking. Street parking is also plenty. The problem comes in narrow alley when we drive up to the parking lot or the roads leading to street parking. 

Parking Time
Front interior of Toyota Agya
The secret to our parking problem? We have Toyota Agya on our side. Compact and comfortable, this car is simply a lunch-saver. The Low-cost-green-car (meaning it saves your gas) is probably the most convenient hatchback out there, both in term of safety and size. Toyota Agya has dual SRS Airbag, Front Fog Lamp, Power Window, Power Door Lock and Wireless Door Lock. Powered by 3-cylinder, 12 Valves, DOHC engine, the car has 5-speed manual/automatic transmission. Full tank is 33 liters. Air-conditioner and hi-tech audio system is there to help you ease through lunch hour traffic. Larger cabin and new passenger seat model means we can include more friends in our midday drive. We’re hoping to go for a weekend lunch getaway sometime soon and can’t wait to fill the car’s trunk with our luggage.