Friday, May 15, 2015

Burgerous Extraordinary

The usual bun and meat combination may not be as fun. Why don't you try Burgerous. Serving a singular taste and ambiance, this burger place has different burger combinations: beef, fish or chicken, which comes in unique and interesting sauces .

Burgerous Counter Order here

The first time around, when Fiona went there with several office friends, Ruth had asked for the fries (Medium 17k, Large 20k) and Pepper Chipotle sauce for to go. Perfect for those prefer extra spice on their fries. Each fries comes with free diping sauce. Extra dipping cost 5k each. Don't think the fries will be crunchy and skinny, fries here are the thick-like-wedges kind. And the sauces are unique and great, selections are Aioli, Cheese, Calypso, Honey Mustard and Mixed Berries. You can leave those sambal and ketchup on the counter.

fries and sauces at Burgerous

Our favorite?
Fried Cheese Burger!
Ruth: Been there only once and I've had the chicken cranberry sauce? it was tasty. But I love the fries and sauces selection the most.

Fried Cheese Burger (50k) is deep fried burger bun served with Australian Patty and Cheddar Cheese. Another one you should order is Jucy Lucy (55k) which is two beef patties with melted cheddar cheese in between and topped with mayo. 
Cranberry Chicken Burger (35k) combines sweet and sauce cranberry sauce with a deep-fried chicken patty. Bun and sauce are all homemade so don't worry about the taste. The packaging is well-thought, popping up when you pulled the top and the bun has a signature B on it. Makes us think about good-food-guaranteed seal. 

For some Indonesian, the absence of rice at lunchtime can rise a problem later in the afternoon. Burgerous understands that and put butter rice on their menu. Fiery Fish Rice (35k), dory fish fillet with spicy sauce is served with butter rice and vegetables. But if you still want to try the beef patty, just order them with rice. Drinks are also varied - different flavors ice tea, mocktails, milk tea and juices are available.

But it goes beyond the food, Burgerous offers a comfortable place for friends to hang out with free wi-fi, open-til-midnight and student discount promotion on their menu. Come and stay at Burgerous and let their delicious menu accompany your long hours of homeworks and papers.

Now, Burgerous becomes our regular office food. Be it a lunch getaway or an afternoon craving (just use gojek).

Where is this?
Taman Ratu Indah Blok D.11 No.24
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Tel: (021) 2933 6378
[email protected]