Thursday, April 16, 2015

For The Love of Steak: Tokyo Skipjack

This restaurant believes that everyone loves steak. Looking at the food they served, it seems like they may be right. Change your mind about how steak should always be fancy.

So, one Monday, when Fiona is sick and off work, Ruth went with MJ to an after hour dinner. Entering Tokyo Skipjack, which is located near the small runabout in Blok M area right across the street from Bulungan Sportcenter, you will expect this restaurant to be different. While the outdoor is nice, it’s packed with smokers. So we decided to step in where the tables are sharing places with a Japanese Supermarket. The AC was having a problem that night, but it didn't bother us. I ordered iced Ocha and problems are solved.

The interior of the place is quite unique, sporting popular American comics like Batman, but in Japanese edition on one side of the wall. One corner of the restaurant is a shelf full of comic books.

Our order: NZ Sirloin 200gr (well done - just because I rarely eat uncooked meat) with Japanese Chimichuri sauce (Rp85k) and Grilled Chicken with White BBQ (60k). Each main course comes with two side dishes, which make the price worth it. Choose wisely among mashed potato, corn, Japanese Green Salad and French Fries.

The steak is tasty, the sauce makes it special. Had no idea of what to choose among the list of sauces, the waiter recommended Japanese Chimichuri. Chimichuri is an Argentinean steak sauce made of chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano and white vinegar. Some modification of this sauce added cilantro or bay leaf to the mix. The search on Japanese version of this Argentinean sauce showed Shiso (Perilla) included in the recipe. Whatever it is, the sauce tasted great and refreshing.

 NZ Sirloin 200gr with Japanese Chimichuri
Grilled chicken is good too. A great pair with its white BBQ sauce. Both of us ordered mashed potato and for me, it was he best decision ever because it came in generous portion. MJ ordered Japanese Green Salad (another good thing, even for me who doesn't eat leafy vegetables) and I ordered corn. They have affordable dessert - MJ ordered Tiramisu but I was too full to add some more on my plate. 

Grilled Chicken with White BBQ
This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go indulge ourselves on perfect steak on a romantic setting. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with alternative version!

Where is this?
Jl. Bulungan No.16, Bulungan, Blok M, Jakarta Selatan
(021) 99725000

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