Saturday, April 11, 2015

A New Catch Called Publik Markette

A new dining experience by Ismaya. Noticeable from far away due to its catchy interior, with a mix of vintage modern, rustic and pop up. Feels like cafe we'd found abroad.

After passing the reservation table, our attention turned to a collection of jars and assorted bottles filled with spices, sauces, even White Truffle Oil Urbani. Prices from Rp35k to Rp550k. Sitting down, I ordered a drink called Green Supreme which is a mix of fruit and veggies. 


The dining process here is unique but quite simple. You have to bring the table number and walk through the first section of the bar, from starter to dessert and eventually beverages. In every section, there's someone helping you to explain about the food. At the end of the bar, your order would be repeated.

First Section is Starter. There's Bread with Herb Lemon Basket (20k) but I skip this. Then I'm starting to see meat. I picked Crispy Pork Belly with honey mustard (155k) with coleslaw. Turned out it was the right choice because when I touched the skin with the knife, it was very tasty. It's not bitter at all with the fat melted inside the mouth. The fresh coleslaw is a perfect pair for the salty dish.

 Crispy Pork Belly with honey mustard

Fellow Foodbloggers, Jzzydee and Hanshar, ordered more food. I was glad because they ordered Balinese Butter Corn (20k) on the side and Miso Mushroom Soup from the starters’ side. Corn is too spicy for me, so I decided not to dip on the sauce. But if you're a spicy fan, this is one dish you should not miss.

Balinese Butter Corn & Sausage Crostone
Miso Mushroom Soup
Then comes the Mix bolognese pasta, Peppers & Sausage Crostone (65k). I actually love the pasta because it wasn't drowned in tomato, served with balanced spices and al dente pasta. Sausage crostone is a baguette with sausages and sauce on top. The bread is a little hard, but sausages and the sauce are great.

Rotisserie Chicken with Tapenade (115k) with Nasi Briyani (15k) looked ordinary, but the first taste proved it wrong. The chicken came in half portion, with soft meat and perfect spices. A different turn from the ordinary, especially when matched with Nasi Briyani which are very daring when it comes to spices.

On the meat side is Beef Short Ribs with Cajun Remoulade (155k) is delicious and tasty, the meat can easily be separated from its bones. Sauce is great and not overpowering the meat. Juicy Lucy beef burger is a simple burger with excellent patty. You'd know at first bite that this is a high-quality burger because the meat isn't dry and is more on the juicy side. But I wish they can have something special with the buns.

Crack Pie (front) & Spanish Chocolate Cake (back)
Spanish Chocolate Cake with sea salt and olive oil would satisfy choco lovers. Salt enhanced its sweet taste. Crack pie almost doesn't have any space in my tummy, but I decided to give it a try with a small spoon. But it's not the kind of cake you can easily stop after one bite. Made of brown sugar, less sweet on its outer layer, the flavor is very familiar.

It's good to know that Publik Markette isn't just another Ismaya restaurant. It gives you a new experience, with good food that worth the price and a great space for hanging out with friends.

Thank you for Mr. Ray Soeharto for inviting us and all amazing staff at Publik Markette. We had an amazing #lunchgetaway experience.

Where's This?
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall, Ground Fl.

(021) 23581281/82

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