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Noodle, Cakwe and Ice Kedondong at Pasar Baru

Let's call this "Fast and Furious". We made it to Pasar Baru and back in record time, even though that means we have to use taxi to cut short parking time. We were a little nervous while going there, not sure we can be back before our bosses started to look for their missing employees.

The noddle making process at Bakmi Aboen
The noddle making process at Bakmi Aboen
Pasar Baru (or Passer Baroe) has been a shopping destination, especially known for its shoes and textiles. Built in 1820, this place is the oldest shopping centers in Jakarta. But for some Jakartans like us, Pasar Baru also means food as our parents often took us through labyrinths to find a good eatery. So, as we navigate through the modern Pasar Baru, half of us was reminiscing our childhood memories... the other half was, well, hungry.

Bakmi A Boen is located in the end of an alleyway
Bakmi A Boen is located in the end of an alleyway
1. Bakmi Aboen
Jl. Pintu Air 5 No. 55G, Pasar Baru, Jakarta Pusat
Bakmi Aboen is our main destination. If you walk on the famous Gang Kelinci (it's really a small alleyway for pedestrian only), you'll end up finding a noodle kiosk with a historical look. We both been here with out families since way back in time so it wasn't that hard to find the shop.

We ordered right on the cashier.
Ruth: Pork Noodle (22k) and Beef Meatballs (10k)
Fiona: Pork Locupan (22k)
We're sharing: Pork Shumai (half portion - 2pcs, 13k), Pork Sui Kiaw (23k) and Fried meatballs (half portion - 2pcs, 11k).

Despite its owners missing from the noodle station and the cashier, Bakmi Aboen stays the same. Serving the exact taste as we remembered from our childhood. The gooey-textured noodle comes with savory pork meat and crunchy pork fat. it's a crunch in every bite. The slimy Locupan is perfect as it is but the mushroom and pork topping are irresistable.

Fried meatballls (a.k.a. Bakso Goreng) is made with plenty of meat and it barely land on our table. The first one to go right after photoshoot. Eat them plain or with the spicy & sour sauce. Pork shumai came in gigantic portion, a great thing we only order half. But nothing beats the Sui Kiaw, served with generous fillings and perfect skin. The extra crunch encouraged us to eat more. We're full, but we have other mission to go, so we need to get going.

2. Cakwe Ko Atek
This old man is special. He was making the Cakwe and Kue Bantal (let's call it pillow cake?) with all smiles. Wearing a T-shirt that said "Thailand", his small stall is decorated with his travelling picture. If you're going to Aboen, you definitely will see Ko Atek's stall and smell the freshly fried snack. He's been there since 1971 (Google said).

Fiona: I think it's the same old man.
Ruth: Are you sure? It's probably his son.
Fiona: He doesn't age. I think he's immortal.

Immortal or not, his Cakwe is unforgettable. He let us peeked into the process, how Cakwe started with small blob of flour to an arm-length when fried. We bought 4 Kue Bantal (that's what's left) and 6 Cakwe. All comes to Rp30k\ (the snack is Rp6k each).

We got an extra Cakwe from Ko Atek. He sent us off with smiles.

3. Fresh Drink
Turning right twice from the alleyway, returning to the main Pasar Baru road, you'll see the fresh drinks stall. A great thirst-quencher for the day. Different kind of cold drinks are placed in transparent plastic containers, each we have to explain if you're not familiar with Indonesian drinks:

Es Liang Teh Medan: Chinese Herbal Tea, some made it from chrysanthemum, others with sunflower, rosebuds and adding a touch of licorice. The Medan version is said to be made of chrysanthemum and palm/rock sugar/honey.
Es Kedondong: the English term for this fruit including Ambarella or Great Hog Plum
Es Cincau: Grass Jelly
Es Cendol: Wiki said it's "green starched jelly noodles with pandan flavouring, served with palm sugar and coconut milk."
Es Kacang Hijau: Mung bean
Es Kelapa: Young coconut. 

We ordered for the sour sweet Es Kedondong (Rp8k) which was a great choice to neutralize the taste. We were hoping to see Ice Soursop though.

This is Ice Kedodong -- green, sour but sweet and refreshing
4. Kulit Tahu Goreng
After giving up for not finding the fried tofu skin, one of the things Ruth aimed for when we departed, we spotted the seller right when we're about to go out for taxi. We bought the big pack, salted one (Rp25k).

Well, that's out journey. Believe it or not, we managed to finish the mission in 1,5 hours, returning right on time with happy tummy.

Mission Accomplished!

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