Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Steak, Salad and Dessert at Applebee's

Hi, this is Fiona!

When I heard Applebee’s is finally opening its door in Jakarta, I had my doubt. But when a friend of mine, Santi (@fairyfoodies), asked me to join her for food tasting, I can hardly say no.

Arriving at the restaurant, which is quite hidded on a corner of Plaza Senayan, I was welcomed with the red-coloured decoration and many families enjoying their quality time. Feels like the American family restaurant I know.

After looking at the menu, I was glad to find out that Applebee’s had selected their best food forward. Otherwise, it would take a long time to decide because the dishes on the menu are equally interesting.But for those coming for lunch, why don’t you check out its Lunch Menu, which is available on Monday to Friday until 4PM. Create your own combo from classic and signature selections. Each consists of soup, salad and entrees, price starts at 109k (Classic + Classic) including soft drink.


1. Lunch Menu: Oriental Salad (Classic) + 4.5 oz House Sirloin (Signature) 119k
I like how they put crispy noodle and almond to create crunchy salad texture, but the sauce is little too sweet for my liking. They come with crispy chicken too! It would be nice (and different) if they have lemon or citrus dressing. The steak has no sauce. Another interesting surprise, but it’s tasty and juicy that you wouldn’t mind the absence. For carnivore like me, choose Signature + Signature (149k) and order double 4.5 oz House Sirloin! Totally worth the price!

2. Half Rack of Beef Rack Ribs, (159k) with Applebee's Honey BBQ
4 large ribs with delicious sauce. The ribs are easy to cut, for those too lazy to make their hands dirty. But the best way to enjoy ribs is to use your fingers and licking the sauce to the last drop. Applebee’s sauce is sweet, so if you want a little spark, opt for Chipotle. Ribs come with fries and coleslaw on the side.

3. Peach Sangria
Arrived with peach, lime and cherry cuts. Fresh and sour flavours in a portion big enough for sharing. I just prefer to keep mine. This is Applebee's secret recipe.

4. Cherry Limeades
Lemonade crushed with ice.

5. Butter Pecan Blondie (79k)
The most anticipated dessert come in a pan. A cake with ice cream and walnut, sizzle when the maple sauce is poured on top. Smells real good! The first bite was trully amazing and the rest was history. Cake texture is great and I have to admit, it matches perfectly with the walnut and sauce. I even came back on the same day just to enjoy Butter Pecan Blondie with my partner.

Definitely going to be one of my favorites.

Where is this?
Plaza Senayan, 5th Fl, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
(021) 57906054

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