Monday, March 23, 2015

Benedict Jakarta

When a new spot called Benedict opened at Grand Indonesia a while ago, we had determined to go there someday. Both Ruth & Fiona are big fans of the egg so there are no reason not to visit what seems to be the hottest eatery in Jakarta today.

Benedict is a restaurant under Union group which has two private dining chefs, Fernando and Ivan, on its lead. Both chefs, previously known as Good For Eats (G48), decided to opened an all-day breakfast restaurant. A concept much welcome to the busy Jakartans. Settling down for restaurants, both chefs, who met during their college days in New York, admitted they don’t want to settle for something too ordinary. Seems like a fair trade for their unique private dining jobs.

This is what we order:

  • So, having the opportunity to talked to both chefs on an occasion before, Ruth decided to go for the Mexican called Huevos Rancheros (75k). Still on her mission to find the best Mexican dish in town, she enjoyed the mix Chorizo con Carne, Avocado Ceviche, Sunny Side-up, Grilled Corn Salsa and Tortilla. Churizo was good and even though it comes only in small slices, the avocado was satisfying.
  • Fiona ordered Florentine (85k) which is a benedict dish with dill-cured salmon, sauteed baby spinach, tobiko, hollandaise, challah bread. It was tasty overall although more lemon on the sauce is preferred. And she would rather have English Muffin with her eggs.
  • MJ (instagram @TritaMJ),  you might remember her as the dessert fan from our previous post, ordered Classic (80k), an Egg Benedict dish with Picnic Ham, Pickled Red Onion, Hollandaise, Curred Tomatoes.
  • While Emy, another co-worker who has inexplicable hatred against all kinds of onion, garlic and shallots, ordered Steak and Eggs (120k). She had wanted something from the dinner list but it was unavailable until later in the afternoon. The dish comes with Shishito Peppers, Fried Eggs, Salsa Verde, Patatas Brava.
Huevos Rancheros
Steak and Eggs 
Emy: Can we have this egg well-done?
Ruth, Fiona, MJ: What???
Emy: If you're pregnant you can't have eggs like this.
Ruth: But you're not pregnant...
Emy: I'd still want it well done.... (calling the waiter, ignoring her friends protests and amazement)

In case you're still wondering, Egg Benedict is an American breakfast dish consist of English Muffins, Ham or Bacon, Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce. The classic dish sees variations of ingredients over the decades including he Florentine and Rancheros.

Needless to say, we liked the food. Even Ruth liked the Chai Latte she ordered. They had brought the American taste of Chai to the glass. The only problem is that the restaurant is quite pricey. Our bills came out higher than we thought it would be. Although for a restaurant in Eastern part of Grand Indonesia, the amount is probably an acknowledged standard. We would come here again for sure.

Despite our determination, this visit was rather spontaneous. We didn't have anything else in mind on where to eat within the two-hour lunchtime we have from the office. When the decision brought us to Grand Indonesia (again), we jumped for Benedict right away.

Where is this?
East Mall, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Lower Ground Floor,
Jl. MH.Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 23581238

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  1. that egg well-done part..umm...huahahaha mba Em..the food was tasty, the place & ambience was what's next for lunch getaway? :D cheers!