Saturday, January 10, 2015

Waha Kitchen Kosenda Hotel

Hi, this is Fiona.

This isn’t my first trip to Kosenda Hotel and each visit is always a great time. I’ve done dinner at Waha Kitchen and hang out at Awan Lounge. Lovely environment, homey ambiance and its interior bring together a perfect experience. Yesterday, I attended a lunch and coffee session with Mikael Jasin, the Head Barista of Operator 25 CafĂ© in Melbourne with 9 other food bloggers. 

Before food arrives, we went on a tour of the hotel and got a chance to see different rooms, which combine the modern and homey concept. I love how this place thinks about every details and design. In several rooms there are chairs and tables to relax and have conversations with families. We stopped by Awan Lounge, which is still closed because it’s daytime. But we took pictures at several photogenic corners.

Lunch is with Waha Fish Noodle, a creation of Chef Eddrian Tjhia. Noodle with smooth texture served with fried tofu, fries and tailored chili, soy sauce and lime which arrived with the dish. I’m glad to find nothing that smells fishy on the menu.

I ordered 2 piccolos because they were great. Awesome beans on good hands assure great coffee served on the table. According to Mikael, everyone has preference when it comes to coffee thus the different characteristics. His tales about house smoked cold brew, seasonal blend steep overnight in cold water and smoked in-house with apple wood is definitely enlightening. It was a great honor to taste his brew. Mikael is currently a guest barista at Kosenda Hotel.

Then the lunch ends, so I moved to coffee and chat with other foodies.

Where is this?
Waha Kitchen
Kosenda Hotel
KH Wahid Hasyim No.127, Jakarta Pusat 10240
(021) 31936868

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